Outfit inspiration Black Friday 1

Distressed mini dress: Punkrave Store* | Crystal necklace: Zaful* | Half moon tattoo choker: Zaful* | Coat: Dezzal | Platform boots: Schuhtempel24

I know, it’s Monday. I’m so excited for Black Friday though that I just had to start preparing already with this all-black outfit. Really hoping to get some items I’ve been lusting for for ages when their prices are at their all-year low.

Today’s long top / short dress is from Punkrave Store* and it’s a premiere for me as I hadn’t ordered from them before. If you take a look at their website you’ll soon notice why I feel drawn to it 😀 so much black gothic-y, witchy, grunge-y awesomeness! Although the dress is completely black it has both a distressed hemline (yaaaasss) and a really cool texture. I love these subtle elements that give the outfit a lot more depth.

As it’s cold outside I added this black coat I got a few months ago. It’s become a bit of a favorite of mine as it is super classy and goes with absolutely everything!

As for jewelry it just had to be witchy for this outfit. I have no clue why I don’t have more tattoo chokers and crystal necklaces. They are pretty much the two kinds of necklaces I could wear each and every day as I can’t get enough of them. And still I don’t even own that many. Almost none to be precise. So I decided to change this by getting these babes <3 . The crystal has this mysterious milky glow to it. Now don’t laugh but that’s what I always imagined the sword Dawn from Game of Thrones to look like. You know, the ancestral sword of House Dayne that was forged from the heart of a meteor at Starfall. I disgress but yeah, this is seriously how I choose my jewelry…

To top off the all-black look I chose my trusty black platform chelsea boots. They have been very loyal companions of mine for a couple of months now and they really earned their spot in my wardrobe by going with everything and making awesomely long legs!

Are you gonna get something on Black Friday? What’s on your wish list?

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