Hoodie dress: Boylymia | Houndstooth socks: Sammy Icon* | Platforms: Vagabond

Yep, this seems to be the right weather to dig out this awesome hoodie dress I got last winter. Unfortunately the shop isn’t online anymore so sorry there’s no link. This hoodie dress is the perfect combo of comfy and witchy – it’s amazing for cold and foggy November days! These are the days when I am seriously jealous of everyone living in a different climate zone that makes November still feel like summer. But hey – let’s make the most of it and enjoy the spooky atmosphere while enjoying some cozy evenings in with a hot cup of tea 🙂


As the outfit is all black I added these houndstooth pattern socks as an eyecatcher. When my mum saw me wear them she got super jealous and asked if she could borrow them 😀 I’m scared I might never see them again… I love having socks as an eyecatcher. It’s more unusual than having a necklace or a bold top as your centerpiece. It makes people ask… wait… why the socks?

What I generally love about this witchy look is its simplicity. It’s for those cold autumn mornings when you actually don’t even want to get up. Then you remember you should not only get up but also look like a human. This outfit requires minimum effort but looks put-together and on point. And as if you really thought about it while brushing your teeth in half-zombie-mode. It’s always great to have a couple of those outfit options at hand 🙂

What do you wear on really cold, rainy November days?