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If I had to pick one of my outfits that is most me – the me-est of all my outfits, so to speak – it’d have to be this one. Why? Because this outfit has it all – black, black and more black, roses, velvet, a coin necklace. It is elegant and dark, it is playful and romantic and subtly sexy all at the same time. Spoiler: The dress is not a dress.

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When I spotted this dark romantic collection in the H&M window I (once more) was sure that someone must have spied on me and my deepest desires to create these pieces. I got what I believed to be a skater dress. I struggled to put it on at home though just to find out it was in fact a playsuit 😀 I didn’t try it on at the store – don’t know about you guys but I downright HATE trying on clothes in winter having to wait in line for 10 minutes, then having to take my coat, my scarf, my hat, my sweater, my shoes, my pants off, dealing with a whole meter of static hair from hell in the process just to put everything back on again realizing I have to go get another size and do it all over again. I try to avoid it at all costs. Luckily I had picked the right size and was pretty happy to find out this dress was actually a playsuit – it looks like a dress but you have to be less careful when sitting down etc.

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I instantly liked the idea of pairing it with my favorite turtleneck (H&M as well) and some black tights for winter. Very much looking forward to including this piece in a summer look though! The black turtleneck is one of my most worn tops at the moment. It is extremely versatile – it’s perfect for the office, for lectures or a dinner with the family. Also, it looks so grown up and I feel like it’s the right time in my life to curate a growing collection of grown up looking pieces in my wardrobe.

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The coin necklace is from Dogeared (via ASOS) and it’s one of my Black Friday purchases. I got a bit obsessed with coin necklaces recently and felt like getting a high quality one. This one was not actually what I was looking for specifically but I liked the look of it so much I got it anyway. It has become a trusty everyday companion of mine and goes with so many outfits and different necklines. I never quite got why some people think that you can’t wear a necklace with a turtleneck – what do you think?

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All in all I liked this outfit so much I wore it to two Christmas parties and NYE. Having also lost a couple of kg throughout the past weeks I feel absolutely fabulous in it <3 Which outfit do you feel best in?


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