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T-Shirt: H&M | Joggers: Prettylittlething | Bracelet: Rings & Tings | Watch: Gamiss | Platform sandals: Deichmann

 “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life, so you bought some sweatpants.” – Karl Lagerfeld

Well, to be honest with you, Mr Lagerfeld, I personally believe that you have to be fully in control of your life in order to properly rock sweatpants. Some might still consider it weird to leave the house in sweatpants even if they’re not about to hit the gym. I admit, it did take me some time to get comfortable with the thought as well. Now I believe it’s about time joggers become socially acceptable. And here’s why:

Style and comfiness are not mutually exclusive

 When I was 19 I would squeeze myself into jeans I couldn’t breathe in and totter around in high heels I couldn’t walk in. For the style, you know. For the style. A few years later however I reached the point when I thought to myself… you know what? I’m seriously too old for this sh*t. I don’t need tight pants and ridiculous heels to love my body and feel beautiful. I don’t want to have to focus on my clothes all the time. When I’m attending lectures I want to focus on the subject. When I’m out with friends I want to have fun and enjoy the moment. Clothes should be fun and not something to worry about. And I came to the realization that being stylish does not necessarily mean sacrificing comfort and vice versa.

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My fav comfy clothing items

Since my squeeze-and-totter teenage years I changed my wardrobe up quite a bit in order to take it into a more comfy and (partly…) more mature direction. Some of my staples that’ll never ask you to sacrifice comfort for style are:

  • oversized sweaters (because they look awesome with leggings and save your life)
  • platforms (because they elongate the legs but are far more comfy to walk in)
  • t-shirt dresses (because they are so much more forgiving than bodycon dresses… especially after dinner)

So it’s no surprise I decided to give joggers a try recently.

How to style joggers

Obviously what we’re trying to avoid when wearing joggers is looking like we overslept and just left for school or work in our pajamas or loungewear. I always want my surroundings to see that I wasn’t just lazy but made a conscious decision to wear this look. So the first thing I’d recommend is giving the whole outfit a clean, minimalistic appeal. This will already make the outfit look appear more sophisticated and put-together. Make sure to add pieces you probably wouldn’t be wearing while lounging around at home: I chose this grey fitted t-shirt from H&M which I originally bought for the office. I avoided wearing sneakers with these pants and chose platform sandals instead. They add more of an elegant twist to the look. Accessories are another really cool option to take the lounginess out of joggers. Wearing a hat always gives the impression that you made an effort (just make sure it doesn’t look like some kind of bad hair day solution. Which in my case wouldn’t make sense anyway as 95% of my hair isn’t covered by the hat anyway…). As for jewelry I opted for a choker – it’s something you definitely wouldn’t be wearing at the gym because… seriously, why would someone wear a choker at the gym? (Please let me know if you ever did.) I added a bracelet for some more hey-I-made-an-effort and – of course – a watch. Nobody who’s just lounging around is wearing a watch. People with watches are in control of their lives. Ha – eat that, Mr Lagerfeld!

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What I love about this pair of joggers is that they have this little detail that looks like a jacket wrapped around your waist. However, it’s just in front, not in the back. It gives them a little “wait… what’s going on here?” element. Unfortunately they were sold out right after I got them – there are heaps of other cool ones at the Prettylittlething website though where I got mine.

So what’s your fav comfy yet stylish piece? Let me know in the comments!


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