Some of you guys might be living by the sea. You lucky bastards. Fortunately not all hope is lost for us other water-loving individuals who aren’t lucky enough to currently be dwelling in a place close to the ocean. For me no summer is complete without spending long days at the lake with my besties. In this post I’ll share with you my 5 top tips to make the most of your day at the lake.

1. The basics

Captain Obvious recommends bringing your swimsuit, towels, flip flops and sunglasses. But also don’t forget other basics that aren’t total no brainers:

  • Sun screen! Even if you want to get a tan make sure to always use sun screen. It protects your skin from harmful UV radiation and it’s a true anti-aging secret.
  • Insect repellent: especially during the evening hours this can come in handy (especially if you’re allergic to mosquito bites like me…). I recently learned that insects seem to hate the smell of coconut oil. It worked on my cat so you might wanna give it a try if you don’t want to use anything chemical.
  • Body lotion, deodorant, sweater: no matter if you’re spending the evening at the lake or heading to a party or restaurant from there – be sure to take some necessities to human up after a lake day for maximum spontaneity.
  • Cosmetic wipes: because they are useful for literally everything from spontaneous sneeze attacks to melted ice cream (and about a billion other things)
  • Band-aids: because accidents happen. I stepped into a piece of glass at the lake when I was 4 years old.
  • Powerbank: because as always we’ll plan to spend the day reading a book (see no. 4) but will keep checking Instagram every 20 seconds.
  • (Inflatable) pillow: Because relaxing by the lake all day is very exhausting.
  • Trash bag: Because we want other people to be able to enjoy a beautiful and clean lakeside as well, right?


2. Culinary delights for the lake

First and foremost make sure to bring heaps of water! I can’t stress this enough: staying hydrated on hot days is super important and your body will thank you for it. I’d recommend getting a fruit infuser bottle (+) that’ll allow you to add lemons, cucumbers, berries – you name it – to your water for some extra freshness and flavor. Don’t forget the ice cubes!

If you’re like me and you just can’t human without coffee, not even at the lake, there’s cold brew and ice brew coffee. You can either make yours at home or cheat a little and get it on the way to the lake. Whatever option you choose be sure to keep your cold brew cold by using an insulated cup (my family and I love using the emsa cup (+)).

As for food you obviously wouldn’t want to pack anything that can melt or fall apart. Options I love include:

  • Wholegrain bread and spreads such as hummus
  • Sandwiches in general
  • (Pre-cut) fruit and veges (just make sure they don’t get squished), maybe with a dip. I’m obsessed with apple slices with peanut butter.
  • Pasta salad
  • Cheese and grape/tomato skewers
  • All the irresponsible stuff you can never justify to buy on a regular day such as tortilla chips with salsa dip and all things colorful and jelly



3. Music for the lake

I’m a person who really enjoys just listening to the sounds of nature. However, having a chill lake day playlist on hand can never hurt. Need some inspo? I curated a little Spotify playlist for your next day at the lake:


Bonus tip: Don’t forget your Bluetooth loudspeakers (+).

4. Laketainment

(that’s a lame pun trying to combine the words lake and entertainment. Just in case you haven’t noticed.)

 Reading is something I absolutely enjoy doing at the lake. It’s great if you’re going by yourself but also with your besties.  If there’s too much going on around me so I can’t focus on a longer text I’ll bring a magazine with shorter articles that don’t require that much of an attention span. My favorites are lifestyle and outdoor magazines. Bonus tip: bring a book or magazine that can get soaked or tattered without you bursting into tears.

 Old but gold: puzzle books! Pack a pen and a backup pen and give your brain some exercise while the rest of your body is relaxing in the shade.

 If there’s at least one other person at the lake with you be sure to pack some games. Choose games that are easy to pack and unpack, aren’t too complicated and don’t have too many tiny pieces that can go missing. My favs for days at the lake are card games such as Cards Against Humanity (Bonus tip: this game is even more fun if you add your own cards.).


5. Everything that floats (or) your boat

Personally I’m not even a huge fan of floats. However I know heaps of you lovely people are and I do admit that there are quite a few really cool floats out there. I personally would probably go for this one as it has a sun canopy! (UV protection is important, kids – I can’t stress this enough.)

However whenever I’ll get the chance to rent a paddleboat I’ll totally go for it! It’ll give you the opportunity to explore the whole lake (well, depending on its size…) and some of them even have a slide <3 Plus, it’s a great butt workout. Which is always good.

Another fun lake activity is water zorbing (you know, those huge see-through plastic balls with humans trapped inside…?). I tried it a while ago and it was definitely a really cool experience. I found it very hard to stand let alone walk in there but I guess practice makes perfect. Has anyone else tried this? Please share your experiences below!

What are your must haves and must dos for a perfect day at the lake? Please let me know in the comments!