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Please don’t ask me how the name of this place is pronounced. But I do know that Kouchibouguac is a stunningly beautiful national park in New Brunswick, Canada. Today I would like to show you a more unknown side of Canada that I captured during my 3 week road trip.

When I thought of Canada before I traveled there I would think of lakes and vast forests, of lonely roads and of bears. And as you can probably tell from my first Canada travel post the country definitely lived up to the expectations. However, I discovered some unknown and unexpected nature gems along the way. One of them was Kelly’s Beach – a picture-perfect and seemingly endless beach looking out on the Atlantic Ocean.

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 There’s no way to get anywhere near this beach with a car which is obviously perfect for everyone looking to indulge in the peace and tranquility of nature. We wandered this boardwalk and already captured so many beautiful views on the way. The water was shallow and crystal clear so we could see crabs walking on the ground (yep, they’re hard to spot as they were camouflaging in or next to patches of seaweed).

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We spread a blanket in the sand and just laid down. The warm sand under my feet, the heat of the late summer day that mixed with the cool ocean breeze to create the perfect temperature, the never ending murmur of the waves and the wind – if you have ever done a guided meditation or one of these relaxation dream journeys you’ll recognize this place. It’s the happy place they will tell you to let your mind wander to in order to reach that state of deep relaxation and felicity. And there I was – lying in the sand, no cares in this world.

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 We had brought some fresh fruit, some card games and swimwear and that was all we needed. I went exploring and wandered along the shore for quite a while without reaching the end. I loved the feeling of just wandering without a destination, without a certain time I had to be back. I sat down on a tree branch to look out on the ocean and I had no idea how long I had been sitting there. I didn’t even know which day of the week it was because I simply didn’t have to. Days like this one help me focus on the moment and to enjoy it to the fullest without having appointments and tasks constantly on my mind. I wondered what it would be like to be shipwrecked and stranded on the beach of some unknown island. It’s the kind of things you’ll have time to ponder once the daily business has dropped from your mind.

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When we left the beach we grabbed some delicious hot fries at the takeaway and decided to explore the surrounding area as well. It’s covered in lush green forests and we were the only visitors around. This brought the whole stranded image back into my head – I imagined we were looking for food and material to build a shelter and start a fire. In fact that’s what we did later that day – but in the sheltered environment of the South Kouchibouguac Campground.

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If you would like to visit Kelly’s Beach yourself…

  • it’s easiest to arrive by car and leave it at the parking area
  • late summer proved to be a good time for us as it was still warm enough to go swimming but it was already off-season
  • camping is a great way to experience Kouchibouguac – there are several campgrounds in the area
  • if camping isn’t your thing you might wanna check out accommodation options such as L’Ancrage Bed & Breakfast and Cottages


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