Yep, I just got used to the hot days and mild nights, to the days spent by the lake and the nights spent by the campfire. And I got used to throwing on some flowy shirt and my cowboy hat and just leave. And then suddenly… autumn. Chilly mornings, gloomy evenings and days spent in weird inappropriate clothes as we haven’t fully adapted to the season yet. But I’m not ready to give up my flowy shirt and my cowboy hat just yet. If you aren’t either, you should read on. Here’s how to update your summer boho look for fall:

Summer to fall Update your boho look 8
When it comes to boho I generally think nature inspired. My favorite fabrics for an autumn boho look would therefore be heavy knit, faux leather and faux fur. In this outfit I’m wearing this awesomely light and boho-y bison skull print top* and threw on my fav long knitted cardigan. When I got the top I just thought nope, the cold is so not gonna keep me from wearing it. So I’ll let my cozy knitwear keep me warm.

Summer to fall Update your boho look 1

Now you can definitely still wear shorts in autumn like I did here with my beloved tassled ones. Depending on the weather you might want to look into adding some warm tights though. And then the socks. Seriously, I would be wearing knitted socks all year round if it weren’t too warm most of the year 😀 I just love having knitted socks peak out of my boots – they’re kind of the epitome of autumn fashion. Bonus points if they were hand-knitted by your grandma. Even more bonus points if you noticed that my socks change throughout the pictures 😛

Summer to fall Update your boho look 6

If it gets super cold make sure you have your faux furs ready. I have by far not as many as I’d like to have but this one’s my fav. I got it at H&M last winter and I love how the different shades of the faux fur go with both black and brown.

Summer to fall Update your boho look 5

For sunny autumn days I got these large round sunglasses from WearMe Pro*. They really give the whole look some gorgeous 70s vibes. I usually have difficulties finding sunglasses that go well with my face shape but WearMe Pro have some really awesome designs I haven’t seen anywhere else. Love the little wire through detail here! Now me + high quality sunglasses is usually a risky combo as I tend to lose or break them. Luckily these even came with a cute little bag to store them in so I’m optimistic 😀

Summer to fall Update your boho look 7
As for accessories wood, stone and other natural materials are a perfect match. If you can’t find a tiny bison skull for your necklace though it is okay to cheat and get the 3D printed one from The rogue + The wolf. Also, don’t forget to add your cowboy hat or autumn-y flower crown 🙂

As soon as it gets even colder it’ll be time to get out the bell bottoms. I’m totally gonna do a winter boho look as well so stay tuned!

What’s your favorite piece of clothing for fall? Let me know in the comments!

Summer to fall Update your boho look 4

Summer to fall Update your boho look 2

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