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Today I have a brand new summer outfit for you guys that was… well… a bit of an accident 😀 Those of you who are following my Insta Story on Instagram already caught a glimpse of it. I was actually just attempting to put together a comfy outfit for uni. I really liked the result though and this look has quickly become one of my go to outfits during the past two weeks or so. It’s the perfect symbiosis of style, comfiness and staying cool on a warm day.

Unicorn colored top

How would you describe this color? I believe the correct term for a mixture of pastel pink, purple and blue is unicorn color, right? Please correct me if I’m mistaken. I was looking for a top with a similar cut but was originally planning to opt for grey or off-white. Then I spotted this beauty at Urban Outfitters and started haggling with myself. Needless to say I eventually got it. I have to admit I absolutely love the texture and cut of this top. Although this wasn’t even something I was looking for I noticed that it does make the bust area appear larger. If you would like to go for a curvier, more feminine look I can definitely recommend getting a top with a similar cut. As you can see in the photos the top has a very high neckline so the effect is very subtle as it accentuates your body without actually showing any skin.

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Loose fitted pants

As I mentioned I wanted to be super comfy so I decided to pair the very fitted top with very loose fitted pants. I did this to balance the two very different cuts and to give the comfy look a stylish twist. The pants are long but very flowy so you don’t get too warm on a hot day. I got them ages ago at YOINS but hey – they’re still available! I would, however, only get them if you aren’t taller than 1,70 m / 5’6” as they’re supposed to be close to floor length.

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Jewelry and accessories

In order to spice the whole look up a little I added a couple of accessories. I accentuated my waist with my fav vintage belt to enhance the borderline between the tight fitted top and the loose fitted pants. It goes really nicely with my belt bracelet – these two are one of my fav accessory combos. As I don’t have any tattoos on my arms I love to wear at least a bracelet with a short-sleeved top.

Some people say wearing a necklace with a high neckline is a no go. I’m strangely obsessed with it. To me it has this girl-next-door look to it that tones down the sexiness of the tight fitted top. I chose to wear a black and purple crystal necklace I bought at a night market. About 10 years ago my psychology teacher at school wore a crystal necklace. Back then it was weird, in recent years it has become a major trend.

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Platform sneakers

As I a) wanted to create a comfy outfit and b) didn’t want the pants to get too short I chose my beloved trusty Casey platform sneakers from Vagabond. I’m actually SO close to getting them in about 6452384603 other designs as they have quickly become my fav pair of comfy shoes.

So here we go – a super comfy yet stylish black and unicorn look for warmer days. Stay tuned – there’s another one to come soon!

What’s your go to comfy look for the hot season?


redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-black-and-unicorn-pants-crop-top (2)