I’m really happy to bring you guys this highly requested post! I was asked pretty frequently if I could do a wardrobe essentials kind of post – so here we go! In this Style Essentials Grunge Edition I’m going to be covering the grungier part of my wardrobe. I’m gonna show you my favorite items I love to wear on a daily basis and tell you why I consider them my wardrobe essentials. Hope this will help you guys spice up your own wardrobe with some grungy pieces! I would love to do a Boho version as well in the near future covering the more gypsy pieces I own – so stay tuned and be sure to follow me on my social media so you don’t miss it!

Alrighty, let’s get right to it!

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-outfit

Faux leather jacket

My faux leather jacket from H&M is definitely one of my most worn pieces, especially in spring. I’d call it a style essential as it’s super versatile – it can easily be dressed up or down. Worn with a blouse it can have a pretty grown-up look to it. Included in an all-black outfit it always looks edgy and sophisticated. And of course it always matches a grungy look. I own this fitted faux leather jacket as well as a long, oversized one and I wear them both very frequently. It’s a piece you should most definitely have in your wardrobe!

Black backpack

This little guy is definitely my most important everyday companion. I talked about my backpack before and I’m sure I’ll talk about it again 😀 I’m a total backpack person and I simply LOVE having an everyday backpack with all my important stuff in it such as cash, id card, hairbrush etc. This one is from Zaful and I absolutely love that it has a large main compartment as well as some smaller ones on both sides and in the back. This is super handy for storing my keys and other small items that I need to grab quickly. What’s more, I love not having to carry a bag in my hand plus it’s healthier for your back especially if you’re carrying heavier items for a longer time. My backpack is definitely a serious couldn’t-live-without.

Black hat

The black hat is my signature piece. I have often been asked if I ever take it off – when taking a shower for example or at the gym. Well, I do – but I’ll replace it with a flower crown or my own hair in a messy bun. The reason why I’m always wearing something on my head is actually a pretty curious/weird one: I just have a really small head. It’s a family trait – we all have very small skulls compared to the body. So without a hat my head just looks… incomplete. But even if the size of your head is perfectly fine a hat will always add some edgy vibes and make you look put together. It’s an instant eyecatcher and sometimes it makes me feel like some sophisticated lady from a foreign city. This black hat is from H&M but I also have a red one I got at a market in London, my cowboy hat from Zaful as well as my skull hat from 25TOGO.

Distressed tights, fishnets and leggings

Distressed tights are such a key piece when it comes to creating a grungy look. I don’t know why but I find un-distressed tights kind of boring. Also, I keep destroying my tights every time I wear them so I really wouldn’t want to throw them away after wearing them once. The only really annoying thing about wearing distressed tights is people pointing at tights that look like the ones in the picture above saying: “Did you see you have a run in your tights? Just in case you haven’t noticed.” … … Really? 😀 If distressed tights aren’t your thing fishnets or tights with patterns also work really well with a grungy style. Add overknee socks for additional warmth and style. I also love having a great comfy pair of black leggings such as my current fav leggings from Oysho (they’re workout leggings but they’re so comfy I’m wearing them all the time 😀 ). I love wearing them with a long, oversized sweater as it creates a nice silhouette. Which leads us directly to…

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-sweater

 Oversized and distressed sweaters

I’ll admit it – I’m obsessed with oversized and distressed things. If you read my Not Homeless Challenge post you’ll know I sometimes go a little overboard here. Those sweaters are so insanely comfy and they add a whole lot of grungy vibes to your look. I usually try not to wear too many oversized and / or distressed items at the same time to maintain a nice contrast and a “Well, I could dress really nicely if I wanted to.” kind of look. This super destroyed specimen in the image above is pretty old and from CHOiES. I personally prefer my sweaters to be either cropped or thigh-length because they look the most flattering with my body shape. I love shopping for oversized sweaters in thrift and vintage stores as you can usually find a few treasures there.

 Shorts, skirts and pants

Shorts and skirts always look a little more interesting than your regular pair of jeans. Make sure to get them in a length that’s flattering for your body type. I prefer shorts and skirts that end at the slimmest point of my thighs – this pretty much creates the illusion of skinnier legs (haha, it’s nothing but smoke and mirrors… 😀 ). I generally look out for shorts and skirts that have something interesting to them – patterns, textures, studs, you name it. Same goes for regular pants – I do wear jeans but I prefer distressed ones or those with interesting patterns and washed out effects. I also look out for unusual materials such as velvet. They all go really well with a grungy kind of style especially if you get them in black or grey.

The rose shorts are from Gamiss, the DIY distressed jeans are from H&M.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-shorts

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-pants

Jewelry and accessories

I’d definitely count chokers among my style essentials. They accentuate the neck and they can easily be paired with a longer necklace to create a nice balanced look. Plus, you can wear two necklaces if you can’t decide. 😀 Plus, you can still wear a choker if your top has a very high neckline. I generally love tattoo chokers as well as moon and crystal pendants which all go really well with a grungy and witchy style. I got the choker from TWIRLY TRINKETS via Etsy and the necklace from Regalrose.

Sunglasses are kind of a necessity in spring and summer but they also make darn good accessories (and hair accessories!). Be sure to find sunglasses that match your face shape. If you’re like me and absolutely no sunglasses match your face shape just go for the ones you like best. I love round ones. Two of my favorite pairs are from WearMe Pro.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-necklaces

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-sunglasses


Probably the part of my wardrobe where it’s easiest to name my favorites: shoes. Platform boots, platform sandals, platform sneakers. Platform everything! No, I don’t want to be taller. The reason why I love platforms is that they, again,  create really long and lean legs. Because the shoes are so chunky they instantly make your legs appear more slender. When it comes down to it fashion is really all about optical illusions. Plus, they give you all the benefits of heels such as a better posture without the pain and struggle of walking in heels. My fav shoe brand of all times is Vagabond, but I also own some great ones from Schuhtempel24 and Zaful.

So these are my style essentials for a grungy kind of look. Be sure to come back for my boho essentials!

What’s your style essential you can’t live without? Please let me know in the comments!


redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style essentials grunge-shoes