In my Style Essentials Grunge Edition I promised you guys another part in the series focusing on my Boho Essentials. In this post I’ll show you my most-worn Boho pieces and how to style them! I actually realized I have about a billion boho items so if you like this kind of style rest assured there’ll be more 😀 Generally there’s less (but still some) black in my boho wardrobe than in my grunge wardrobe – so dig up your browns and beiges and earth tones and we can get started!

Hats and hair accessories

As I mentioned in my last style essentials post I just always have to wear something on my head. It just evens out the proportions of my head and body and therefore makes my whole outfit look more ‘complete’. While my fav black hat also goes with boho outfits I have two other options I would like to show you. Boho outfits just scream for flower crowns, right? If I had to pinpoint the perfect moment to dig out the flower crown it’s when wearing a boho style outfit. Mine I got on DaWanda (I believe) years ago. I never really liked the flower crowns that are being sold at H&M etc. as they usually look to bright and unnatural for my taste. I wanted something that really looked like actual plants. I’m super happy with these and actually planning to make a DIY flower crown at some point.


Another cool option is a cowboy hat. It always goes well with the boho style in general and can add some badass vibes to a more girly look. I think it goes especially well with a skirt as you won’t fall into the trap of looking like you’re wearing a cowboy costume.


Hat: Zaful | Boots: Buffalo


Boots! You can’t go wrong with boots when it comes to boho style. Tassles are always a great option and I wish I had tassled boots to show you here (note to myself: get tassled boots). I do have tassled sandals though I love to add to my boho style outfits. They are super old and I do’t even remember where I got them. Be sure to choose comfy shoes for your boho look though as you’ll want to be prepared for all those fun adventures awaiting you!



It doesn’t get any more boho than this. Kimonos are probably my fave boho item for summer and I have collected quite a few over the past couple of years. They’re perfect for spicing up plain tops, leggings or outfits in general. As they are usually very flowy they aren’t too hot for summer but still offer a little bit of warmth should the evening get cooler. The ones I’m wearing are from Hippie Massa*.





Skirts and shorts

What makes skirts and shorts boho style compatible? Texture, fabric and print are your best friends here. (Faux) Suede is always a great option for boho pieces. Tassles, to me one of the key elements of boho fashion, always add to the look as well. If you’re opting for more subtle boho vibes paisley prints are a great choice.


Tassled shorts: Boohoo


Paisley print skirt: Zaful

By far my favorite boho inspired skirt is this vintage treasure I found at a second hand shop in Amsterdam. I had been looking for a gypsy type skirt like this for ages and it’ll never leave my wardrobe again. My tip for maxi skirts is to choose a high waisted fit because- you guessed it! – it’ll make your legs appear endless. Before buying a skirt I’d recommend figuring out which types of shoes you’ll most likely be wearing it with. This is important to be able to choose the right skirt length as I personally wouldn’t want a maxi skirt to look too short when wearing heels.



Flared pants

Flares – yope or nope? Definitely yope for me! They are such a fantastic way to add some boho vibes to any outfit. Just make sure to wear them the right way. Due to their cut flares can easily make your legs appear shorter. I’d therefore go for a high waisted cut and boots/sandals with platforms or heels for a more flattering shape.


Flared pants: Boohoo

Boho tops and jackets

(Faux) Leather and suede are probably your best bet when it comes to boho jackets (not counting kimonos of course). Heavy knit can also be an option when the weather requires us to bundle up. I got this tassled faux suede jacket at Topshop years ago and it’s such an eyecatcher!


When it comes to boho tops feel free to apply the same tips as for skirts and pants. Paisley and dreamcatcher prints are great boho-y options and of course there will always be tassles. Just make sure not to overdo it with a certain print or texture. This look is a really good example: the tassled top has an interesting texture to it but is plain black while the skirt stands out for its print. Feel free to play with fabrics, textures and prints for a more lively and refined look.


Jewelry and accessories

Vintage jewelry can go really well with a boho inspired look plus it’s super fun to explore vintage stores and markets to find some real vintage gems. I got this belt second hand in Amsterdam when I got the skirt and from the very first moment I knew they would become best friends. Coin necklaces will always give your outfit this gypsy night-by-the-bonfire kind of touch. I also own a couple of dreamcatcher pieces. Although they are pretty cliché the dreamcatcher to me is such a symbol for freedom and life on the road.


Watches aren’t exactly the most boho-y piece I could think of as the whole boho look is all about this timeless, effortless close-to-nature vibe. If you do want to or have to wear a watch though get one that fits in with your style – this one has feathers instead of numbers.


Bags and backpacks

Yasss – backpacks are the perfect bags to go with boho outfits! I mean, it’s not like they’re my all-time fav type of bag already… As – to me – the boho look is all about roaming wild and free a backpack is perfect to store your possessions while keeping your hands free for climbing rocks or driving the campervan (you wouldn’t wear a backpack while driving a campervan I guess but… come on, you know what I mean!). Not a backpack fan (boo!)? If a backpack is too large or heavy for the occasion or you’re planning to dance the night away in your boho outfit I got you covered as well! This super cute tassled purse is just perfect for storing the necessities and it’s really super boho! Keep your eyes peeled when browsing vintage stores as they are great places to find boho inspired bags.


Sorry it took me so long to get this post up guys – while I tried to shoot this the thunderstorms were only briefly interrupted by good weather every now and again 😀

What are your favorite boho style essentials? Let me know in the comments!