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With summer just around the corner (well, theoretically at least…) it’s time to gear up for the best months of the year. For all those BBQs and festivals and looong days spent by the lake – f*%$ yeah! All those summer items are popping up in the stores like mushrooms – sorbet colored tunics, flamingo colored accessories. What to do though if all-black everything is your happy color? Well, firstly, I like you. And secondly, what most people don’t realize is that black is the PERFECT color for summer. Don’t believe me? Just see for yourself ‘cause in today’s post we’re gonna talk about how to style black for summer!

How to style black for summer: Cuts and silhouettes

You can already convey that summer feeling by choosing some real good-vibes summer pieces such as tank tops, crop tops or shorts. Harem pants can be dressed up a little for a stylish, yet relaxed summer look. Wearing a bikini top or swimsuit underneath instead of a bra will give the impression that you’re coming from or heading straight to the beach.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-rose-kimono-bathing-suit

A playsuit or jumpsuit is a fantastic option for summer as it has these cute and playful vibes to it while the black color gives it a bit more of an elegant and feminine twist. Plus, when it’s hot outside and you don’t need a jacket on top using the bathroom isn’t THAT much of a hassle when wearing a playsuit. 😀

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-playsuit-kimono

If playsuits aren’t your thing then there’ll always be dresses. On hot days be sure to choose a dress that isn’t too tight-fitting so you won’t get too warm. Shirt dresses are my fav kind of dresses for summer days as they have an airy feel to them but still look put-together.

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Another item I absolutely love for summer is the kimono. It instantly upgrades any plain outfit, it’s never too warm or heavy and it has these absolutely gorgeous gypsy-wanderlust-campfire vibes to it. For me the kimono is probably THE item that just screams SUMMER. The two kimonos in this post are from Hippie Massa *.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-playsuit-rose-kimono

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-playsuit-kimono-seethrough

How to style black for summer: Textures and fabrics

I feel like color is often overrated while texture is underrated. You can’t only convey that summer feeling in your colors but also very much in the textures and fabrics you’re wearing. So when trying to style black for summer I tend to choose typical summer fabrics: think flowy and see-through, think crochet, silk, lace and linen.

A crochet tank top or bikini top will give your look an instant summer update. Lace generally has a lightweight look and feel to it and is therefore perfect for hot summer days. I personally love lace shorts!

Everything transparent and flowy will take the heaviness out of the black. Long see-through skirts only provide the warmth of a short skirt but look so much more stylish. I mentioned kimonos before – they are a fantastic way to add a flowy, see-through element to your look. Also, everything with tassles just belongs to the warm season, right?

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-rose-kimono-back

Kimono: Hippie Massa *

How to style black for summer: Prints

Prints are another great way to turn an all-black look into an all-summer look. Black with a flower print is an absolute all-time favorite combo of mine. Especially the Millefleur pattern is probably the most summer-y pattern of all and it goes exceptionally well with dark fabric.

Feather and dreamcatcher prints are also a great choice when styling black for summer. As with kimonos these patterns always have a boho kind of look to them. Other fun options might be leaves, fruit, birds – you name it. Anything fun and playful that reminds us of long lazy summer days!

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-dreamcatcher-top

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-shorts-flower-prints

But even geometric prints can work as long as the cut and fabric of a piece have a summer-y feel to them such as playsuits or short dresses. They’ll give the whole look a more grown-up appeal if that’s what you would like to opt for.

How to style black for summer: Accessories

You might already have guessed that accessories are a perfect way to push your look more into a summer-y direction. So let’s go through our accessory options:

Swap your fedora for a black summer hat. The color will stay the same while the feel will be entirely different. One of my fav hair accessories for summer is usually the flower crown. However, I don’t find black flower crowns particularly summer-y, probably because they look so artificial and don’t have this natural i-just-picked-these-flowers-on-my-way-home feel to them. So I’d actually either recommend making the flower crown your only colorful (or white) eye catcher or finding one in various darker shades such as dark purple and dark green. But that’s just personal preference.

Sunglasses are already a summer item in themselves. However, some sunglasses have more of a Men in Black kind of look to them which is not what we’re opting for here. Instead, go for some cute hippie-style sunglasses such as oversized round ones. This will add to a fun black summer look. Plus, sunglasses are another really great way to subtly add a splash of color to an all-black outfit.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-t-shirt-dress-sporty

When it comes to jewelry the possibilities are pretty much endless. Everything boho and gypsy is – once again – your best friend. So feel free to layer some necklaces and bracelets. Incorporate some (faux) shells or starfish for a super beachy feel. Natural materials such as wood or (faux) leather will instantly give a more summer-y feel to your look as well. If possible, add an anklet. Why? Because it’s a true summer item. Anklets really don’t make much sense in winter boots.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-nature-necklace

Necklace from MadamLili

When it comes to bags I’d always go for a longer tassled bag or a tassled boho style backpack. A larger beach bag will do really nicely as well.

How to style black for summer: Shoes

Of course sandals of all shapes and forms are the go to shoes for a true summer look. As platforms are my fav shoes of all time I own several pairs of platform sandals. The reason I love platform sandals so much is that comfy, heelless sandals such as gladiators often tend to make the legs appear shorter. Unless you have super long and lean legs (and depending on your clothes) they can create a bit of an unflattering silhouette. Platform sandals are still way comfier than sandals with high heels but create a more flattering shape than flats.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-style black for summer-shoes-sandals

From left to right: Deichmann | Vagabond | River Island | Zaful

If you’re going for a sportier all-black look, (platform) sneakers can be an option for summer as well. In this case a cleaner look will probably be a better choice than a very boho inspired look.

I know many people consider wearing socks in sandals a no go. I object. Opt for cute, transparent socks or lace socks. They’ll instantly make your outfit look as if you put a lot more effort and thought into it. It’s an unexpected and unusual element and it will make people go crazy over how they suddenly have to deal with an exception to their lifelong credo that socks can’t be stylishly worn in sandals. Plus, socks are a lifesaver when your sandals turn out to be less comfy than you thought they’d be.

So these are my tips on how to style black for summer! Do you have any other tips I haven’t mentioned? Please leave them in the comments below!


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