Exam and thesis season is upon me so naturally I’m on quite a tight schedule at the moment. My whole week is thoroughly planned and of course there are time slots for shooting my current outfit faves for you guys too. And it usually works fine. This week, however, we had a storm coming through that did not quite agree with my plans. As there are really no suitable places for shooting indoors anywhere near me a girl had to do what a girl had to do. So today I proudly present: one of my current fav outfits shot during a storm featuring probably the moodiest atmosphere and light so far. Not in the picture: the god damn cold.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-storm-black-pink-new-backpack (2)

The first item I would like to show you is my brand new backpack from Kadell *. As you guys may know I’m such a backpack person and I have an everyday backpack with me all the time (even in my dreams at night. I’m serious, I recently noticed that dream-me also has my backpack with phone, wallet etc.). So naturally I wear my backpacks down after a while until they literally fall apart. Recently it was time to say goodbye to my trusty old bp which had been with me for 2.5 years. I welcomed this slightly smaller black and white one instead. It fits in perfectly with my wardrobe due to its color/print and it has already proven to be a worthy successor of my old backpack. What’s always important for me are multiple compartments so I have a dedicated spot for my keys, my phone, my wallet etc. This backpack has several so it’s easy to keep track of where I put what when I left the house. It’s also perfect for my Memo Bottle+ my parents got me for Christmas 🙂

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-storm-black-pink-new-backpack (4)

The pink turtleneck sweater was quite the bargain at a night market I visited recently. It’s a crop sweater so it goes really well with high waisted pants and skirts. As I mentioned in my last outfit post I lost a bit of weight recently so high waisted items are my best friends now that I actually have a waist, haha. I chose this black high waisted faux suede skirt from Wholesale7 I got there in 2015. This choice was inspired by a pink faux suede skirt I got quite recently and which I’m planning to wear with a black turtleneck sweater. So yeah, it’s pretty much this exact outfit with the colors reversed. 😀 As I feel drawn to more feminine looks at the moment I added this subtle heart necklace from Dresslily *.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-storm-black-pink-new-backpack (5)

You already know the boots – the boots are from DOS61 and I will love them until death do us part. With a skirt I would actually usually wear heels but with the storm I was a bit scared to get swept off my feet and not in the good kind of way 😀 Plus, as the whole look is pretty feminine and girly already it’s quite alright to throw some badass platform boots into the mix – I actually like it!


redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-storm-black-pink-new-backpack (6)

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-storm-black-pink-new-backpack (1)

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-storm-black-pink-new-backpack (7)