A while ago I had this conversation with my sister and I ended up asking her a question that I asked you guys on my Instagram at some point as well: if you had to choose one day you would get to re-live over and over again which one would it be? My sister said it would be the day she spent at the house by the lake. And I knew exactly which house and which lake she was talking about. I knew she absolutely loved this place and she had forever been going on and on about how magical it was. So when I recently got the chance to go and experience the magic myself I didn’t have to think twice about it. Come and join me – I captured some of the spirit of this perfect summer day for you…


The lake we’re talking about is named Brückelsee – feel free to take a look at the map! The area was once a mining site for coal until it filled with groundwater. When we arrived I couldn’t believe just how clear the water was. With the white sand and the sun glistering on the clear blue surface of the lake I couldn’t believe this was Germany and not the Caribbean.



We got to spend the day at this super cozy and beautifully furnished house by the lake featuring its own little private beach, a lush little backyard and a deck for relaxing in the shade. It has a fully equipped kitchen and sleeps up to 4 people. However, we obviously barely spent any time indoors. I couldn’t wait to throw on my swimsuit and jump into the endless blue of the lake that mirrored the summer sky.


Swimsuit: Oysho

I always love to take a little timeout for myself when there are stressful events ahead such as exams. It helps me clear my mind and gather my strength for the challenges to come. This day by the lake was perfect for doing just that. I would sprawl out in the shade, snack on some fruit and just let the warm summer wind touch my skin ever so gently.


Time seems to fly on days like this and it was soon time to prepare the BBQ for dinner. We set up a long table in the backyard as well as a buffet with all kinds of salads, dips and roasted garlic bread. Needless to say the usual after-BBQ food coma situation soon set in. As the temperature had cooled down a little and the sun was setting we decided it was the perfect time to go on a little canoe trip on the still lake.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-blog-travel-brückelsee-germany-lake-water-beach-canoe-boat (2)

With my sister and two other lovely ladies I paddled out right into the middle of the lake. The light blue water turned into a dark blueish green beneath us. As the shore had almost vanished from our sight we would just sit back in our canoe, sip some wine and enjoy the last fading rays of the sunset as the quiet of dusk was slowly settling over the lake and the land.


When we returned the others had lit up the place with a myriad of candles. It was time to throw on a cozy oversized sweater, grab some drinks and snacks and let the evening end with some stargazing and deep conversations. As you would expect after a hot day in this area nature decided to end the day her very own way with everyone’s favorite weather phenomenon: the flashes of lightning on the horizon and the distant growling of thunder echoing over the dark lake had something truly mighty to them.


Hope you guys enjoyed this lake day story! Remember that it’s important to have special days like this one to look forward and to look back to. Days like this are what memories are made of. Hope to be back in this fantastic place soon (keeping my fingers crossed for August)!

If you are planning a lake day make sure to check out my 5 tips for the perfect day at the lake. And let me know: which is the place you love to go to in order to clear your mind and just relax?