Kimono: Hippie Massa* | Pink top: H&M | Rose velvet shorts: H&M | Necklace: vintage | Belt: vintage | Boots: vintage

The longest days of the year always have a special kind of magic to them. So I wanted to take the chance to head out to one of my favorite parks to capture the warm moody atmosphere at nightfall. This early summer has already inspired me so much – it just makes me want to create and invent and transform. And it reawakens memories of times long gone by. Of the early 2000s when I was writing poems about long summer nights, when I fell in love for the very first time and when I was craving all things black and pink and lace and tassle in the world. Seeing this trend coming back in fashion brings all those sweet memories back to me.


I wanted to create a look that reflected my mood back then – all my love for the dark and the romantic and the mysterious. I got the top in dusty pink as well as the shorts at H&M. I love wearing a lace bra or bralet underneath that adds to the romantic look and just makes myself feel super beautiful. Always remember that you don’t need a reason to wear your prettiest lingerie <3

On top of that I added one of my super dreamy kimonos from Hippie Massa*. I said this before and I’ll say it again: a kimono is simply THE summer item for me. The baroque pattern as well as the tassles go so well with this romantic outfit combo. It’s an item that just says “Hey, let’s run away together on this warm, dark, magical summer night. Let’s go for a midnight swim. Let’s picnic under the starry sky. Let’s live.”.


As this whole look and outfit remind me so much of past times I couldn’t resist but add a few vintage items. I don’t even remember when I got these boots but it must have been around 10-15 years ago. As for jewelry I’m wearing my trusty pearl choker (I need to get more chokers. Despite their terrifying name chokers are life.) along with a necklace I found in a jewelry box my mum gave to me about 3 years ago. It comes with a matching ring and earrings – I absolutely love this set!


Actually I’m surprised I haven’t talked more about fragrances on this blog yet. One thing this summer has done to me is that it got me completely hooked on beguiling scents of all sorts. My favorites have actually always been “pure” flower scents such as rose or lilac. Another favorite of mine is “Summer” by Kenzo which, unfortunately, isn’t sold anymore and is therefore now wildly expensive compared to the original price. I kind of flirted with 1981 by GUESS recently but I’m still not sure if I’m really in love with the scent or just the whole retro design and advertisement. If there’s a scent you think might go well with this kind of outfit please let me know!


Creating this outfit has really made me want to dig up some 2002 goodness – the lingerie tops and velvet skirts as well as the summer night poems. And it has, once more, awoken my desire to travel and explore the beauty of some mysterious foreign place. So stayed tuned for more romantic outfit inspo as well as some new travel diary posts.

What are your plans this summer?