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August is one of my favorite months of the year as it’s the only one that’s free of most university commitments such as lectures and exams. It leaves me time to take it slow, to soak up the sunlight and the moonlight, the beauty of all the rich greens and the scents of nature. It leaves me time to stroll the countryside at nightfall and get inspired to create something new. I take in all those impressions more consciously as the end of summer is already starting to loom over us at this time of the year. It’s the time when I start thinking of everything I still want to do before another summer quietly starts fading into autumn.

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It’s also the time of the year for musings, for mapping out where I would like to go from here and what I want my life to look like. I might have mentioned this before but I pretty much live on the feeling of being able to take my life into any direction I want. I constantly crave the freedom to change direction, to find something new that excites and inspires me. With my parents’ house currently being renovated I started pondering what I would want my own home to look like. About 13 years back I dreamt of buying an old villa in my hometown that had been abandoned for a couple of years. It was three stories tall and stood in what was once the moat along the medieval city walls. It had two spacious decks and I would often daydream of spending a long mild August night sitting on one of those decks – the remains of a delicious dinner still on the table to snack on, a carafe full of summer wine, a symphony of cicadas and fireflies mirroring the starry sky. I’d be wearing a skirt with flowers and a black sweater to keep me warm blending seamlessly into the veil of the summer night.

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Who knows, I might live in a villa someday and watch the fireflies on a summer night. As for now I created an outfit inspired by these memories and daydreams. It mostly consists of old faves such as my go to summer sweater from Supré I bought way back in 2013 in New Zealand and my vintage belt from Amsterdam. The only new item is the flower print skirt from C&A I stumbled upon recently. It has been my loyal companion ever since as it goes so well with my current dark romantic style. If you like this outfit and are looking for some more inspo I created a similar outfit a year ago that you might want to check out on my Lookbook.

Let me know: what would be the most inspiring place to live for you?


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redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-romantic-outfit-inspo-august night

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-romantic-outfit-inspo-august night

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