So I spent the past three weeks exploring the South-Eastern part of Canada. And of course I want to share all my adventures with you guys – but obviously it’s far too much for a single blog post. So there’ll be quite a few Canada posts in the near future – stay tuned! I would love to start out by giving you guys an overview over my trip and by sharing some of the magic I captured with my camera.


We decided to travel to Canada in late summer. We still wanted the weather to be nice and warm and had to be back before October 1st as this is when the new semester starts around here. Weatherwise this was a good decision – we got heaps of sunshine as well as moody, foggy days that were simply made for taking photos. As the leaves started to change into a bright red during the last few days of our stay though we wished we had shifted the entire stay a week further into September.


Canada is the perfect country for roadtripping and to me it felt like you’d actually be pretty lost without a car. The sheer vastness of this country was completely unimaginable to me – someone who grew up in Central Europe – until I actually got to the place. So renting a car (or bringing your own) is pretty much the only way to explore this country I can really recommend. We picked up our trusty little rental car in Toronto and that’s where we started our adventure.


We drove east past Ottawa, Montréal and Québec all the way down to Nova Scotia and back. It’s almost unbelievable what a tiny portion of this country this is when you look at the map. Yet it took us three weeks and we drove 5300 km.

One thing I loved about this trip is that life on the road is so refreshingly different. While I usually have about a billion things on my mind every day there are only three questions on my mind while on the road: Where am I gonna end up sleeping? What am I gonna eat next? And: What’s the next adventure gonna be? Life on the road is simpler – it helps me slow down and declutter my head. It helps me focus on who I really am, what I want and where I’m going.


Evenings are different on the road. We watched spectacular no-filter-needed sunsets while driving the last couple of miles. When the sun’s bright red flame had eventually faded we watched the moon rise over vast dark forests, still lakes and lonely Canadian roads.

We would arrive somewhere – a lake, a national park – and set up our tent so we had a place to sleep. We would start a fire to cook on and to sit by after dinner. These simple everyday tasks required a lot more time and work and that’s exactly what always makes me appreciate the comfort we enjoy every single day of our lives even more.

We discovered an entirely new dimension of quiet. Far away from highways and buzzing cities there’s only the crackling fire, the cicadas and your own heartbeat. With no cars or noisy neighbors waking me up during the night I believe I never slept that deeply. I did wake up once in my tent from what sounded like the distant howling of a coyote. It just added to the magic.

What always makes me fall in love with remote places is how much richer the starry firmament looks at night. Actually being able to see why the Milky Way is named like that makes me stare up in awe until my neck hurts. That’s usually the moment when I will just lie on the ground or on a tree trunk and look up into the dark sky feeling incredibly small and still like I’m part of a larger whole.


Although I always enjoy returning home from a trip I will forever miss the peace and lightness that come with life on the road. Discovering new places every single day, pitching my tent somewhere else every night. Spending the night singing songs by the camp fire instead of working on my laptop all night (I enjoy working on my laptop too but… you know…). But if working means preparing some travel posts for you guys I’m already very much looking forward to it. In the posts to come I’ll be sharing more in-depth experiences such as our canoe tour through Algonquin National Park and our trip to the Niagara Falls. Talk to you soon everyone!