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Ahhh, May. The first month of summer (weatherwise, in my area), long mild days with beautiful sunsets, the first evenings spent outdoors with a glass of sweet summer wine. The first morning swims, the scent of morning dew on fresh green grass, the first warm summer rain. Nothing makes me feel as enthusiastic and full of bliss as having a long summer ahead of me. It makes me want to wear all the beautiful maxi dresses, all the flower prints, all the enchanting rose scents. When I spotted this beauty on the MANGO website I couldn’t resist. Usually dresses look better on the models in the pictures because, you know, everything looks better on models. But when I tried it on I actually liked it even better on myself and that really sealed the deal for me. For this look I paired it why my giant pink sunglasses and my choker & coin necklace combo, both from H&M.

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This dress makes me think of the 80s and my childhood in the early 90s when my mum and grandma would wear button-down maxi dresses in summer. To me these dresses are the perfect versatile summer attire – they are light and flowy in hot weather but still look so elegant and grown-up. They can totally be worn on a day by the lake as well as for a summer dinner party. Also, maxi dresses are so perfectly effortless. They’re for those summer mornings when the sun, the blue sky and the birds are calling for me and I don’t want to waste any time getting dressed (but still want to look fab :D).

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Not sure if I ever told you guys but my style today is actually very similar to my style way back when I first started developing an actual style at the age of 12/13. I tried a lot in all those years in between and have now come full-circle in terms of outfit preferences. Black has always been and probably will be forever my favorite color and I always had a thing for roses and floral prints and everything dark romantic. I actually find myself gravitating towards many of my early 2000s choices and preferences in different areas of my life. This feels, of course, a bit strange as one and a half decades have passed and I have matured from a girl in her early teens into an adult woman. But then again, I feel like back then I was my purest self. Back then life had not had a chance to disappoint me yet. I did not care about what anyone thought, I did not care whether all black everything and dark florals were the mainstream attire. I did not care about stereotypes, I did not care about dresscodes. I just wore and said and did whatever I liked, whatever felt like… me. And I believe that it’s easy to forget our true selves a bit over the years as we grow up and have to or want to conform to society’s standards to a certain degree. So every now and again I try to learn a little from 13-year-old Liz, who was so refreshingly and uncompromisingly herself. The area where this is most visible is definitely my fashion style (oh, and the computer science degree, because my nerdy 12 yo self wanted that badly 😀 ).

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I wrote a lot of fiction and poetry back then as well. I still have a tiny black notebook from 2002 that contains a poem titled “A May Night’s Memory”. I wrote it for a guy I was madly online-in love with back then – I often wonder what became of him, although I never actually met him in person. This outfit brings all these memories back to me and it makes me feel like I am my truest self.


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