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Pink pants: H&M | Blouse: vintage | Necklaces: H&M | Platform chelsea boots: Schuhtempel24

Today’s look was more or less inevitably inspired by past decades: With my parents moving from the ground floor to the top floor of their house my mum started packing the entire content of her wardrobe into boxes and obviously unearthed a number of long forgotten gems. Needless to say I tried on her bright pink 80s aerobics gear and dug through the remnants of eras long gone by. I don’t know about you but to me these past decades, especially the 70s, 80s and 90s, are fascinating to no end. When I thought about it I realized that for me as a passionate photographer it’s mostly the decades we have color photos of. Color photos make everything seem real. Of course the decades and centuries before were just as real but B/W photos or paintings don’t seem to do the trick for me. Color photos make everything so tangible. So when I visited my grandma for her birthday recently I would sneak up the stairs to the first floor of her house simply to stare at the pictures on the wall for half an hour or so. I don’t know – somehow my brain isn’t able to process the fact that there are pictures of which I couldn’t tell whether they were taken yesterday or 30 years ago – if it wasn’t for the clothes, the hairstyles and the people that are long gone. Did you ever experience anything like this?

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The pictures also somehow remind me of my own childhood when there was no digital photography. They have this cozy and blissful feel of home to them reminding me of a time without worries – a simpler time when the world wasn’t as hectic and crazy, yet already so similar to what it is today. It makes me feel like I’m part of the whole: my mum in her mid-20s is smiling at me from these pictures and the pictures in this post are what my children are gonna look at someday. And they’re gonna see their mum in her mid-20s smiling at them. It’s like I could literally feel the time passing and it’s eerie and beautiful at the same time. So this is the backstory of this look and the way I decided to shoot it – and I love being able to share all the thoughts, memories and inspiration that went into it with you guys.

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Please let me know: if you had a time machine – where would you go? To the past or to the future? Would you go at all? And would you still go if you had to stay in that time and couldn’t return? Please share your answer in the comments – I’m curious! I’d probably go to the 80s as it’s a decade I’m very sad I didn’t get to experience. Not sure if I’d go though if I knew I had to wait 30 years to reach 2017 again. I might have to ponder this for a while.


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