Marble origami backpack: oribagu* | Marble blouse: Dezzal | Platform boots: Vagabond

Who said marble was for ancient temples and expensive dining tables only? In today’s outfit inspiration I united one of my fav blouses with my marble origami backpack, the latest addition to my backpack collection.

So let me get this straight right away: you should head over to oribagu and take a look at their collection. You really should. They have by far the coolest backpacks I’ve ever seen and if I could I’d just get them all. As you can see when you look at their collection all their backpacks look like origami animals. HOW COOL IS THAT? I have never seen anything like it before. I was completely blown away by all the thought that went into designing these little fellows.


It doesn’t end there though. They come in various patterns and materials such as marble, black marble, mesh, neoprene and camouflage. So although they look like animals these backpacks have nothing overly cute or cheesy about them. Instead their design is very minimalistic, clean and grown-up. When I thought of animal backpacks I would always think of fluffy, furry pink unicorns or oversized tiger heads. So I find oribagu’s approach very refreshing. As you may know I only use regular hand bags and purses every now and again. Usually you’ll see me running around with one of my trusty backpacks (once a backpacker, always a backpacker I guess). So this little guy isn’t just stylish he’s also a real everyday companion for me as I can easily fit all my stuff for uni or work in there. And by the way… have you already figured out which animal it is? đŸ˜€


When I got the origami backpack in marble my very first thought was to pair it with the one other item I own that somewhat resembles marble. I got this blouse last summer and ever since it’s been one of the favs in my wardrobe. It matches any black/white/grey outfit and its pattern is unique but subtle. As it’s a bit longer it can be worn over leggings and tights as well as with regular pants. It’s one of the pieces I catch myself grabbing from the wardrobe over and over again as it’s a go-to item for many occasions. Currently I’d wear a massive faux fur jacket on top though đŸ˜€

I figured white shoes might be a lovely eye-catcher to top off this outfit. I chose this pair from my fav shoe brand Vagabond I bought in 2014 with the money I had earned selling movie tickets during my semester holidays đŸ˜€

Please let me know which of the origami backpacks at origabu is your fav!