Ombre sweater: Zaful* | Choker: Rosegal* | Triangle watch: Rosegal* | Distressed jeans: H&M | Platform heels: Schuhtempel24

The winter solstice is probably the one occasion I would love to see celebrated more. Unfortunately this event is completely overshadowed by Christmas and the stressful weeks that precede it. So we should just take a moment to appreciate that from now on days are growing longer again. Less darkness, more light.

For this special occasion I felt like creating a really icy winter outfit. You know me – if it’s ombre I need to have it, be it hair, candles or like in this case my new ombre sweater. Its oversized fit and light fabric make it very very comfy. It’s something you can just easily throw on and live the entire day in but due to the ombre your outfit will always look interesting. And once more I broke my rule to shoot new items first before I start wearing them to work… Then again I’m very picky when it comes to the color gradient. I wanted a sweater that truly fades from black / grey to white, not dark blue or greenish black or something else that has a color tint to it. And surprisingly that’s kind of hard to find. So I’m glad I got this beauty at Zaful. Also, it reminds me of a frozen lake. I have always loved fashion pieces that remind me of nature.

I paired it with my beloved diy-distressed jeans I got at H&M a couple of years ago. I really wanted to create an all-monochrome look and the pants’ figure-hugging fit balances the sweater’s loose fit very nicely. Plus, they create awesome curves :>


In one of my last accessory posts I showed you the matching black triangle watch. They came as a set of two and were actually meant to be worn by a couple but… yeah we talked about that already 😀 So here’s the white triangle-shaped counterpart and as a premiere I decided to wear my watch like a real blogger. On top of my ombre sweater. If you love to pull your sleeves over your hands as much as I do this is really the perfect solution. Also, on the sleeves the sweater is already dark enough for the watch to create a beautiful contrast and become a real eyecatcher.


The ombre sweater pretty much screamed for a choker. I love how the little arrow points to the V-shaped neckline. It’s an interesting yet subtle little eyecatcher that fits in with the geometrical shape of the watch. Can’t get enough of cute chokers as they spice up any outfit in seconds.

As for shoes I went for my trusty platform chelsea boots you’ve seen quite a few times before. With the tight fit of the pants it’s important to avoid short-chubby-legs-syndrome (if you don’t have hips feel free to skip this part) . The easiest way to do this is by elongating our legs with a pair of heels or (for those who want to cheat… like me) with platforms. That way we can make sure our feminine curves look like just that 🙂

Do you guys wear your watch on top of a sweater? Or is that a no-no for you? Let me know in the comments!