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“This is a matter that should be at the highest importance to every American: My hair.”

– Elle Woods, Legally Blonde 2

It’s funny: although I blog about fashion, travel, lifestyle and psychology topics my hair is by far what I get the most comments on and compliments about. And because of that I figured a hair post is long overdue. If you’re interested in getting your own long fire ombre hair this post is for you! I will share with you all my tips and tricks about growing, dyeing and grooming flame-like hair.

Let’s dive right into it:

 1. Getting in the right mindset for fire hair

Let me get this straight right away: fire hair is not for people who don’t enjoy standing out. Starers gonna stare. People will approach you to talk to you about your hair. Also, better have your hairdresser’s business cards with you at all times. This hairstyle is not for the self-conscious.

2. Finding your hairdresser

When I got my ombre hairstyle years and years ago my first try wasn’t exactly a success. Although I had tried my very best to instruct the hairdresser properly and even showed her pictures of what I wanted it just didn’t turn out right. I had about one and a half hair colors instead of the three I had requested. It was so wrong. Luckily I found a hairdresser who understood what I wanted and she’s been doing my ombre hair ever since. Do yourself a favor and find the hair stylist you can really trust with your hair. This is especially important if your hair is super long like mine. Having my hair somehow messed up would be an utter disaster as it’ll take years to grow back to how it was. I’d definitely ask my friends if someone can recommend a hairdresser who has experience with ombre hair. Also, be sure to have some pictures on your phone to show your hair stylist what exactly it is that you want. If you are experienced with dyeing your own hair or if you just want to dye your ends you might even be able to do it yourself. There are quite a few tutorials on getting your own ombre. However, I would recommend getting it done by a professional at least once for a start to avoid accidents.

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3. Choosing your color gradient

You can obviously dye ombre hair pretty much any color(s). As I have been a redhead for almost as long as I can remember I knew I wanted a red-based flame ombre. What’s important is that the different colors blend into each other nicely. No color blocking here. I decided to get a deep red at the roots, a more natural orangey red in the lengths and had the ends bleached to turn them blonde. Bleached ends are also a great base if you want to try something new every now and again. I had purple ends for a while and I might get them again at some point – who knows. It’s easy to bleach them again to get them back to blonde. This can damage your hair though –  we’ll get to that in a minute.

4. Maintaining your color gradient

Now here’s the surprising part: people seem to believe that fire ombre hair is super high-maintenance. In fact it isn’t. Once you have your ombre it’s sufficient to just re-dye your roots every couple weeks / months which you can do at home with dye from the drugstore (mine is about 2,60 €). What’s going to happen over time is that the upper color segment will get longer while the lower color segment will get shorter when you get a trim. So at some point you’ll have to get it touched up but for me that’s about once a year.

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5. Grooming your fire hair

As with dyed hair in general I’d recommend using color protection shampoo to keep your colors vibrant. This is especially important for flame-like hair – there’s no such thing as a dull, faded flame, is there? I personally use the ISANA Professional series from my local drugstore Rossmann as it totally gets the job done, is very affordable and cruelty-free. Try to avoid anti-dandruff shampoo as it’ll strip your hair of its color. I will deep condition my hair every time I wash it to give it some extra shine and make it easier to brush. As I mentioned before your bleached ends will need some extra care. So in addition to deep conditioning them I’ll massage some hair oil into the ends when I brush them, braid them or before I go to sleep. Still, your hair will be prone to split ends so it’s important to get them trimmed regularly. I don’t always take my own advice here but… you should 😀

 And that’s pretty much it! Fire ombre hair is by far not as hard to get and maintain as it might seem. I’ve been having my fire hair for years and I’m not gonna get rid of it any time soon!

 Would you be the type of person to wear fire hair? Let me know in the comments!

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