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And once again it is December and time is flying. And I still haven’t shared with you guys this outfit I shot in fall. So here we finally go. I know, I know, I’m usually more an all black everything type of person. But when I saw this off-white dress on the FashionMia * website I really just felt like giving it a try.

I had kind of been dreaming of having a dress like this one. The image in my head consisted of historic pictures and movies combined with a couple of my fav Instagrammers and sprinkled with some photos of cozy cabins amidst the autumnal woods. Yep, that’s exactly the kind of feel I dreamt up for this outfit. A massive thank you goes to my dear friend nature here for setting the perfect stage for shooting this look. It was a very mild day with clouds so heavy they looked like they were about to touch the ground.

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I paired the dress with my double necklace from Rosegal *. It consists of a shorter, plainer necklace and a crescent moon necklace. They’ve quickly become favorites of mine and I’ve been wearing them quite a bit, usually even layering them with 1-2 other necklaces. I definitely wanted something nature themed to go with this look so I figured the moon shaped pendant was a perfect choice.

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I love wearing outfits that instantly put me in a certain mood as soon as I put them on. In this look I just felt like wandering the green fields, let the wind play with my long hair and pick some wildflowers. You may have noticed that I’m wearing a vintage watch with the dress. It’s one you actually have to wind up everyday in order for it to keep ticking. And there’s something I love about this concept. Every day you can decide if today is a day that you want to spend living by the clock or not. Everyday you have the opportunity to choose to wind it up or not. To look at it or not. Maybe you just want to wander the fields and pick some wildflowers and not look at your watch at all. Maybe you just want to soak up the last bit of autumnal warmth, breathe the fresh air and return home to some little wooden cabin in the forest as dusk starts to settle.

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Most of us are not living in a little wooden cabin in the forest. Most of us have jobs and can’t spend their days picking wildflowers. But we shouldn’t let this keep us from letting our mind run wild every now and again. And we shouldn’t forget to take a little break and escape every now and again, especially when things are getting crazy towards the end of the year. That’s exactly what I did last year with my little pre-Christmas getaway to Inzell, Bavaria. And my last getaway for this year is already booked : ) How do you treat yourself for a successful year?


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