So my friend and I were strolling around town last week when we stepped into the Zara store and spotted something.

There were actually quite a few of them neatly stacked in a pile.

They were so soft. They were oversized. They were distressed. I wanted one!

 I took one to the fitting room. I tried it on. I glanced in the mirror and I looked…

…maximally homeless.


 If you’ve been following me for a while you will know that nobody loves oversized distressed stuff as much as I do. I love everything to bits that looks as if… … well, as if a thousand people had loved it to bits before me. I even wrote a blog post exploring the whole cultural background of why 90s kids love distressed jeans.

I’ve heard parents say that people in oversized distressed clothes look homeless. But that was always such a parents thing to say. And yet now I was standing there in front of the mirror wearing the most oversized, most distressed sweater thinking to myself… Liz, you look like a 17th century homeless in this brand new Zara sweater. Needless to say I bought it.

So in today’s Not Homeless challenge I will try to actually make this sweater look glamorous. Of course I will share the results with you guys as well as my tips and tricks on how to make distressed pieces look cute and presentable. Hope you guys enjoy!

Hat and hair

Let’s start from the top. Now the oversized distressed sweater is very much pulling our whole look into a grunge-y kind of direction. What we are aiming for is to balance this out by adding a couple of elements from the other end of the spectrum. Think elegant, cute, classy, feminine. So our first step would definitely be well-groomed hair. Add some curls if you like – everything that looks glamorous and put-together will go with this look. Of course I added my signature piece – no look would be complete without a hat!


Accessories: Sunglasses and handbag

I initially wasn’t planning on adding sunglasses. The day turned out to be sunny though so I just went for it. Again I opted for a glamorous style by choosing these round, oversized sunglasses from WearMe Pro. I find that this shape of sunglasses looks very sophisticated and stylish so that’s exactly what we’re opting for here.

As you may know I’m usually more of a backpack person. However, as I really wanted to take this look from grungy to glamorous I chose a handbag (large enough to hold everything that would usually go into my backpack :D).


Jewelry: Necklace and watch

Following the grungy to glamorous principle I chose a very delicate and subtle necklace with a little flower pendant. It’s feminine and classy and therefore enhances the put-together look. Plus, it mirrors the neckline of the sweater and creates a consistent look. I inherited this piece of jewelry from my grandma so for me it also has this special occasion feel to it as I wouldn’t wear it with just anything.

Probably the most important piece of jewelry when trying not to look homeless is a watch. People with watches are in control of their lives. Wearing a watch instantly makes you go from homeless to busy fashion blogger. Sometimes I wonder whether written text is the right medium to convey irony and humor. I chose this black minimalistic triangle watch as its clean design also creates a fantastic contrast with the oversized distressed sweater.



Tights and shoes

Now guys this is a moment to remember: for once I am actually wearing un-distressed tights. Yep, that’s right, for this look super chic polka dot tights are required. If it hadn’t been so cold I probably would’ve taken them to Paris as they have this stylish yet classy haute couture vibe to them. And I combined them with… right, heels of course. These super shiny platform chelsea heels definitely look far more expensive than they were and they’re my go-to shoes for super glamorous looks. Also, with very long oversized sweaters it’s important to optically stretch the legs a little as they tend to make us look shorter than we are.



The oversized distressed sweater – final result

The only change I made to the oversized distressed sweater itself was rolling up the sleeves a little so they don’t cover my hands anymore. This small trick instantly makes the sweater look more presentable. You could also wear lace shorts or a mini skirt underneath. As the sweater is very long this would just be a peace of mind thing though in case you wanna sit down on the floor or something. I’m actually super happy with this outfit – I feel like I really had to explore how to wear this piece first. I definitely don’t regret getting it! In the end it’s all about the attitude, right? Pieces like this one just require an attitude that makes everyone who’s not wearing an oversized distressed sweater feel completely inappropriate 😀



How do you guys style distressed and oversized pieces? Let me know in the comments!


P.S.: And sometimes we just don’t want to be glamorous. Sometimes we just want to curl up with a cup of hot tea in the most comfy distressed oversized sweater. That’s alright.