Minimalist outfit Split personality Slit sweater 1

Slit sweater: StyleWe* | Faux leather shorts (old): H&M | Platform heels: Salt & Pepper (I don’t have a link for these, sorry…)

Depending on where you live this may or may not be a suitable fall outfit. I’d personally throw on a warm fluffy coat on top but hey, then you guys couldn’t see the outfit. Obviously the eye-catching detail about this look is the slit sweater. I didn’t own anything like it before so I figured it was a worthwhile addition to my wardrobe. I was really impressed with the quality – I simply love when an item truly lives up to the store pictures in terms of looks, quality and size.

The most spectacular way to wear this sweater would definitely be this one as you can see a bit of skin underneath but not too much. However, if it’s too cold or simply not your kind of style the sweater would definitely look great with a top underneath as well. Just make sure the top is a different color so the slit is still clearly visible. You don’t want to draw the attention away from the outfit’s highlight. Also, the sweater doesn’t accentuate your waist so I’d recommend wearing a tight-fitting top or crop top underneath.

In my opinion this very long sweater goes great with shorts or long pants / leggings. I’d avoid everything in between like knee-length skirts as it may make your body look somewhat out of proportion. And, of course, if you’re not super tall don’t forget the heels – long sweaters are awesomely comfy life savers but we really want to avoid short-legs-syndrome. And no, I’m not tall in case you’re new to this blog and wondering…

I kept the rest of the outfit black by adding some all-time faves like my trusty faux leather shorts and of course my hat. I didn’t want any other colors or patterns as I figured it would make the look too noisy.

What’s your favorite eye-catching piece of clothing?

Minimalist outfit Split personality Slit sweater 2