Minimalist outfit inspiration All black 1

Black dress: StyleWe* | Sunglasses: WearMe Pro* | Platforms: Zaful | Geometric choker: Zaful | Geometric ring: Wholesale7

Today I’d like to show you this instant-self-esteem-boost outfit. All-black outfits always make me think of a quote by Yohji Yamamoto:

“Black is modest and arrogant at the same time.”

Black shows the world that you don’t have to wear clothes that scream for attention to stand out. Black clothes give the real you room to shine. Especially with my very long red hair I often love to keep my outfit monochrome. It’s all about standing out by consciously choosing to keep it simple.

For this look I’m wearing a close-fitting dress from StyleWe*. It caught my attention as I love short dresses with long sleeves. It can be worn as a dress or as a long sweater which will come in very handy in winter. Also, the quality is fantastic. The fabric is pretty heavy and feels great on my skin – I felt like I was born in this dress the instant I put it on. Putting this outfit together was so easy as everything just made sense in my head.

Minimalist outfit inspiration All black 2

The perfect accessory for the black dress are my black cat eye sunglasses from WearMe Pro I got along with the pair I showed you in my last boho outfit post. I love how these sunglasses always make you look somewhat fierce and badass. At first I didn’t know what it was until I realized it’s the wired frame that kind of looks like… eyebrows. You know, like in cartoon characters, that are given a certain facial expression by drawing their eyebrows a certain way. The outfit just made me feel like a badass catwoman the entire time and I downright loved it! This is gonna be my go to outfit for an instant self esteem boost!

I added some geometric jewelry as I wanted to keep it minimal. Geometric jewelry is generally awesome if you want to accessorize a look in an understated manner. The white platforms are the only part of the outfit that isn’t black and as part of an all-black look they almost act as a pop of color. Don’t know if I will ever get enough of black and white…

How about you? What’s your fav way to wear black?

Minimalist outfit inspiration All black 3