What do you think of when you think of a minimalist outfit? I tend to think black, white, grey, straightforward, uncompromising. So what about a boho outfit? Warm earth tones, playful accessories. Tassles probably. My mantra in life has always been “Why choose one if I could have both?”. So here I am combining these seemingly incompatible styles again (I tried it before and I liked the result).

My centerpiece is a tassled dress from ACEVOG* which I own in two different colors. It runs very true to size so feel free to order your regular size if you’d like to get it. I got the black one earlier this year and actually liked it so much I got the grey one as well. Its loose fit makes it super comfy and it also gets a thumbs up for versatility. It can be dressed up or down and with a jacket and tights it’s great for autumn and winter. And in my opinion it is right at the borderline between boho and minimalist.

Minimalist Boho Tassled dress 2

So to style this dress a little more boho I decided to go for an earth tone color scheme, a tassled bag and a heavy knitted cardigan. This outfit does check several boxes on the boho muste have list.

Minimalist Boho Tassled dress 1

And here we go with a more minimalist version of the outfit. The color scheme has changed and I chose a faux leather jacket instead of knitwear. The geometric necklace and ring however are pretty similar to the jewelry in the more boho inspired outfit. The differences aren’t even that numerous and still the two looks have a different feel to them. Still, they both unite minimalist and boho.

Minimalist Boho Tassled dress Earrings

With a minimalist outfit you obviously wouldn’t wanna overdo it with jewelry. I added these minimalistic earrings* as they go well with the geometric shapes of the ring and the necklace. They complement the feel of the outfit without screaming for attention.

If you have a fav outfit I can only recommend trying out different versions of it like I did here. Many items are a lot more versatile than you’d think. I personally love several very different styles, including minimalist, boho, gothic and grunge/edgy. Trying to unite these different elements to create your own unique style will always be a fun challenge.

Which version of the outfit do you like better? Do you think that minimalism and boho go together?