Minimalist outfit inspiration Soul twins

Liz: Black elk head cap: Zaful* | Grey shirt dress: Zaful* | Platform heels: Salt & Pepper | Necklace: Zaful*

Lola: Grey elk head cap: Zaful* | Long print blouse: Dezzal | Platform heels: Schuhtempel24 | Tree branch necklace: Zaful


Well, as most of you might already have guessed this lovely lady is my sister Lola 🙂 This is the very first time she joined me for a blog photoshoot and we’re both so excited to share the results with you guys!

The idea was born when we got these matching elk head caps. They were love at first sight as neither of us owned a cap and we just loved the geometric elk stitching. We didn’t want our caps to look too gangster so we preferred these nature inspired ones (although the elk does actually look kinda gangster, don’t you think?).

Minimalistic outfit inspiration Soul twins Caps

We decided to keep the outfits minimalistic and monochrome. Those of you who have been following me for a while might have recognized some favs of mine. Lola borrowed my beloved marble print blouse as well as my awesome new Chelsea boots I showed you in previous outfits. We figured my geometric tree branch necklace would go really well with the elk head as well. I probably wouldn’t give my fav items to anyone but my sister 🙂

I got this shirt dress along with the caps. I’ve been trying to stock up on shirt dresses recently as they can be worn with or without pants underneath. Also, the early autumn weather is amazing at the moment so a shirt dress is my go to item during the day. This grey one is versatile but still not boring due to the details at the neck and sleeves. I added this minimalistic circle necklace as I wanted to stay consistent with the geometric shapes in this look.

Really hope there will be more sister shoots in the future as they are so much fun!

Do you have a sibling, partner or bff you wear matching clothes with?


P.S.: If you have siblings, you should give them a hug. Right now. Just because 🙂

Minimalistic outfit inspiration Soul twins Closeup

Minimalistic outfit inspiration Soul twins Closeup 2