redheadventurer-fashion hoodie-jacket-backpack

Hoodie jacket: Dresslily * | Boho backpack: Gamiss * | Half moon choker: Zaful | Boots: swapped

So happy to show you guys this hoodie jacket! I’ve been living in this piece during the past week. When I decided to get it in late autumn I instantly had a fall outdoor adventure kind of outfit in mind. I was planning to wear it as an actual jacket for outdoor activities. And then suddenly winter happened. We didn’t have such a duly winter in years so I really didn’t expect that much snow and – 15 ° C / 5 ° F. So I decided to just wear this hoodie jacket as a long sweater dress and add an extra layer of faux fur when going outside. I’m sure there will be the perfect mild autumn day at some point and then I’m so gonna wear this! There are a couple of details I really like: Firstly, the hoodie jacket is longer in the back and shorter and in the front, which looks cooler than just the same length. It has pockets and that’s something I find both stylish and useful. Sometimes I’ll just put my hands in there to feel cozy :3 Aaaand you can tighten the hoodie jacket in the waist area for a better fit.

 redheadventurer-fashion-hoodie jacket-backpack-detail

It may sound unbelievable but I didn’t own a brown backpack! Like you know… a brown faux suede tassled boho backpack. Like this one! Do you know these pieces of clothing that instantly trigger certain feelings or images in you? When I see this backpack I’m thinking of going on an adventure, being free, spending an awesome weekend in a beautiful place with lots of nature and campfires. As I’m usually using a backpack instead of a regular bag this bad boy will now be my go-to companion when wearing an outfit in brown or cream shades. What’s always very important to me when it comes to backpacks is having smaller compartments on the outside. As you can read in my post How to be tidy for very messy people I always need some little tricks to help me stay organized. One of them is to have extra compartments in my backpack for certain things, for example house keys. That way I always know where they are and can quickly grab them without rummaging through my entire backpack. Plus, I can have a refreshing heart attack moment when I absent-mindedly put my keys somewhere else and they aren’t in their designated pocket when I’m looking for them.

Of course for this outfit there is no way around cute faux fur-trimmed booties! I got these babies at a swap event and they’ve quickly occupied their place amongst my favorites. In fact they’ve been in several of my outfits starting with Heaven is a place on earth, one of my most successful Lookbook posts ever. Once again I’m mixing black and brown here and I just can’t get enough of this combo!

Hope you guys like this outfit inspo post! Are you a backpack or a handbag person? Let me know in the comments!

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