Harness: Zaful * | MEOOW crop top: H&M | Oversized knit cardigan: Dezzal * | Distressed high waist jeans: H&M / DIY | Platform chelsea boots: Schuhtempel24

The weather’s been getting a bit better recently so there’s no need to walk around bundled up in faux fur anymore – yay! So I actually dared to create something I’d call a spring look. Kind of. So let me take you through all the elements of this outfit!

Harness and crop top

I have seen so many people and fellow bloggers wear a harness and I always thought this was a great and simple way to spice up an outfit. This harness is from Zaful and it’s actually super easy to put on – it pretty much consists of bra straps. You can close them behind your neck and back and you’re done. A harness is just a super cool piece to wear on top of a shirt or dress. It’s also a very unique and edgy alternative to a necklace. I usually wouldn’t recommend wearing it with a top that has something written on it. However, with this crop top I figured you could still read the print very well and I kind of like how the strap cuts the letter O right in half. The MEOOW crop top has long been a favorite of mine ever since I got it from H&M a couple of years ago.

Oversized knit cardigan

You know my obsession with oversized knit stuff – be it sweaters, dresses or cardigans. Although it’s a bit warmer now than it was before it’s still too cold for just a crop top, even indoors. So I threw on this super bulky, warm, comfy knit cardigan. It’s actually very similar to my burgundy red one I showed you in this accessory inspiration post. As I liked this one so much I decided to get another one in a more neutral color. It’s a great piece for the months to come when it’s not cold enough for a heavy jacket anymore but not really warm yet either. I actually love this time of the year. It’s so full of hope and always feels like a new beginning. The entirety of spring and summer is still lying ahead of us and it feels like everything is possible in this still fresh new year.


Distressed jeans and tights

I have forever been a fan of high waisted tights that peek out in the waist area. Not only does it look super cool and grungy, it also creates a very flattering silhouette. Accentuating the narrowest part of our waist makes it look skinnier in general. Same goes for pretty much all parts of our body: wear a skirt that “cuts” your thighs at the narrowest point to create the appearance of longer, leaner legs. And as much as I like these DIY distressed jeans I do have to admit they make me look heavier than I am. So I considered it perfectly alright to cheat a little with the high waist tights trick. Plus, did I mention it looks super cool? It does. If this was ever considered a fashion no-go then I feel deeply sorry for everyone who ever cared about fashion no-gos.

Platform chelsea boots

You already know these bad boys – I got them last summer from Schuhtempel24 and they’ve been my trusty companions ever since. I love to wear them when trying to elongate my legs a little. As I mentioned before, jeans tend to make us look a little shorter and heavier in general so platforms / heels are a great way to balance this effect.

What are your tips and tricks for creating a flattering silhouette? Let me know in the comments!