Grunge outfit inspiration Not actually pajamas

Distressed sweater: Zaful* | Distressed pants: second hand | Socks: Sammy Icon* | Choker: Zaful

Don’t try this at home in November if you get cold feet easily. Just don’t. However, if you’re one of the lucky people who have to sleep with ice bags on their feet in summer (I shit you not) there’s no need to hide your cool socks inside your shoes. I got these from Sammy Icon who have heaps of awesome socks designs on their new refurbished website. I went for several pairs with geometric prints as they match many of my black-white-grey color scheme outfits. However, I feel like the outfit has to be very calm (no patterns, no colors) to go with geometric socks. Oh and I can’t help it – I just love socks in sandals. As it started snowing today thoughย (gnah!) I’m afraid sandal season is really over now. Once more I am completely lost when it comes to adapting to the season fashion-wise. This always happens to me with pretty much every change in temperature as if I had never experienced winter before (just 20+ times).

Grunge outfit inspiration Not actually pajamas 3

As it’s cold and I’m working on the computer A LOT at the moment I tend to go for warm and comfy outfits. And what’s comfier than everything boyfriend style and distressed? I don’t know – ever since I wrote that post about why 90s kids love distressed things I like distressed things even more. When I saw this distressed sweater on the website I felt this was a very worthy addition to my growing collection of distressed clothes. It definitely gets the job done – it keeps me warm and cozy on cold days, it goes with just about anything and it looks super fab ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and it matches my distressed boyfriend jeans!

When putting together a very casual and comfy outfit it’s always important to me to show that there’s an intention behind it. I still want the outfit to say: “Hey, I can look stylish but chose to be comfy today.” So I prefer higher heels over sneakers here and I added one of my fav chokers. Chokers always look feminine and put-together.

Genius move of the week: When I shot this look I took my hairbrush outside with me in case the wind messed up my hair while shooting. I figured it was a smart idea to place it in the bushes near the street as there was no surface nearby. I forgot it there and was reminded of it several days later. So I went back there in the middle of the night to look for my hair brush in the bushes and luckily it was still there ๐Ÿ˜€ Don’t ask ๐Ÿ˜€

Grunge outfit inspiration Not actually pajamas 2