redheadventurer-outfit-floral skirt-autumn-spring

Floral skirt: Gamiss * | Velvet turtleneck top: mister*lady | Long cardigan: JOVI | Watch: Zaful * | Zipper platforms: Zaful

When I created this look my first thought was… why didn’t I come up with this earlier? This outfit could actually serve as something like a basic outfit formula for me. It has everything I like: an oversized cardigan, a floral print skirt, a bit of color and a lot of black. This look has a somewhat festive feel to it, don’t you think? It was definitely meant to be an indoor outfit. When I shot this look it was – 16° C / 3 ° F outside so outdoor outfits weren’t really an option 😀

So let’s go into the details:

Floral skirt

So technically I’ve been lying to you guys ever since the headline. What I’m wearing here isn’t even a skirt. Yep, that’s right it has some kind of hotpants on the inside. I didn’t even realize that when I ordered so I was kind of surprised when it arrived. That wasn’t a problem for me at all though. This feature actually makes it more convenient in typical annoying skirt situations like sitting down, sitting on the floor, bending over etc. My main reason for getting this skirt was the print. I love vintage-y rose prints and this one has this fantastic memento mori kind of look to it. Although the print depicts flowers, birds and even butterflies it does not look as fresh and lively as one would expect. It seems to be exuding these autumnal decay vibes, mainly because of the colors. Absolutely love this contrast! Don’t know if this is normal or already super geeky but this floral skirt really reminds me of 17th century poetry with all its vanitas imagery.

Velvet turtleneck and long cardigan

Both items aren’t new – they’ve been favs in my wardrobe for quite a while. In my opinion a black turtleneck is the most perfect way to create some subtle sexiness while still looking super classy at the same time. The secret is the very body hugging fit in combination with the total absence of naked skin. It’s an outfit option I’ve resorted to many many times throughout the past… well, decades actually. It just always works well with many looks. The long, fluffy and very very warm and comfy cardigan gives the look a more casual feel. Wearing a long cardigan is always a great trick if you’d like to wear a short skirt but aren’t sure if it’s a little too short or if you simply don’t feel 100% well although you like the skirt. The cardigan seems to extend the skirt down to your knees and therefore tones it down a little.


Floral watch

You can clearly tell I don’t actually need a watch as my watches usually don’t even have numbers on them 😀 But they make for darn good accessories that make you look as if you’re in control of your life. (I feel like I said this about watches before.) Now unfortunately I can’t even show you what’s so special about this watch as I would have to make a video of it ticking. What happens is, with every second passing the stylized flower in the middle will shift a little so as time goes by you will see it moving as if it’s blossoming. This looks super cool and you have to stare at it for a while to figure out whether it’s the watch or just your mind playing tricks on you.

Zipper platforms

You already know these babies from one of my previous outfit posts and I guarantee you you haven’t seen them for the last time 😀 I will never stop loving platforms as they are lifesavers for all those who

  • are short but would like to look taller
  • aren’t short but still want to look taller
  • want to have longer, leaner legs
  • can’t walk in high heels
  • all of the above

And to be honest with you guys – the next pair of platforms is already waiting for its blog debut…

Hope you guys liked this outfit inspo post! What would be your sure-fire outfit formula?

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