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Ornament dress: FashionMia * | Mary Janes (old): Topshop | Coat: Dezzal | Choker: FashionMia *

┬áSo my best friend from uni graduated recently. And things changed. While I was merrily roadtripping Canada she ventured out to get a whole new wardrobe full of job interview blouses, i-am-in-control-of-my-life purses and high-quality coats. And upon my return I barely recognized that very put together grown-up lady. When I looked at her something strange happened. Do you know that feeling when you suddenly feel deeply inspired simply by looking at someone or something? Like a whole new world is opening up before you in your mind’s eye? That’s what it felt like when I looked at her.

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It suddenly made me want to buy grown-up clothes, do grown-up stuff. Needless to say that’s what I did. I got take-me-to-a-nice-dinner-party dresses and hey-I’ll-look-fantastic-at-the-opera coats. I got opera tickets. I booked a nice long weekend in a posh little hotel in France with said friend – because why not? Recently I caught myself more often flirting with grown-up attire, activities and attitudes. And I like it.

I created this theatre-proof look with a champagne colored ornament dress as its center piece. The fabric is stretchy which is always such a plus – why shouldn’t dresses by elegant and comfy at the same time? I also love the black parts on the sides as they shape the silhouette. Before this post was even up my sister already had an eye on this dress and asked where it’s from and if she could try it on.

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The weather is still mild but especially in the evening a light coat is a good idea. Maybe it’s just me but I love the look of a coat casually draped over the shoulders. It makes me think of old movies, of fair ladies and courteous gentlemen who would drape their coat over their love’s shoulders to keep her warm. That’s exactly the look I opted for here.

Chokers have always been my favorite kind of necklaces as in my opinion they unite sexy and formal in the most elegant way. This velvet and pearl choker was a perfect match for the dress. I wouldn’t want to wear a longer necklace here as I wouldn’t want it to rival the ornament of the dress.


I topped this elegant look off with my trusty high heel Mary Janes. They’re the highest heels I own and they’ve been with me for many years. Their nude color is so versatile and goes perfectly with all kinds of formal looks. Walking is obviously not really an option in these heels but for an evening at the opera they’re my shoes of choice.

I’m ready for all those autumn nights to come and can’t wait to roam the theatres, restaurants and elegant bars of the city in good company. Bring it on, October!


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