redheadventurer-fashion-outfit-cotton-candy-pink sweater-distressed-jeans

Pink sweater: Dezzal * | Necklace: Rosegal * | Distressed jeans: Ann Christine (New Yorker) | Belt bracelet: Rings & Tings | Zipper platforms: Zaful

Oh wow, it’s actually a fashion post! So sorry about the long break between the last outfit and this one. The last semester has been tough but I’m totally back on track now posting on a regular basis my dears! In case you haven’t seen it yet: there’s a travel post about my time in Paris up as well! I’m also totally high on spring and more motivated than ever so let’s do this 🙂

Pink sweater

Yep, this outfit isn’t exactly within my regular color scheme. For a long time I actually thought red hair doesn’t go with pink. For a long time I also thought that pastel colors don’t go well with black. Nope and nope. I just felt like creating a spring look featuring some cute, light pastel colors. So I thought screw it and just matched all those unmatchable elements. The pink sweater is an awesome piece for spring as it’s a crop sweater plus the color obviously yells cotton candy and cherry blossoms. I ordered a size S which definitely fits well. I would probably go a size up though for a more comfy and oversized look. But that’s just personal preference. This pink sweater has these “I wanna look cute and be comfy while having coffee with a friend” kind of vibes to it. Love this look as it instantly reminds me of good conversations, sunshine and coffee of course 🙂

Distressed jeans and high-waist tights

You know these bad boys already. This pair of distressed jeans has been in my wardrobe for a while and I have no intention to part with them any time soon. They are everything I could want in pants – they’re comfy and they’re distressed. Perfect match. But the biggest plus is probably that they allow me to showcase the tights. Not only can you see them through the distressed parts on the legs but also in the waist area. What I find most interesting about this combo is that the pink sweater covers the waistband of the tights. So you never actually know where they start and where they end. Very happy to see high-waist tights become a trend – finally people noticed that they look awesome 😀 As I usually want to tone them down a little for uni or other everyday activities I like to match them with something distressed or oversized such as these jeans.

redheadventurer-fashion-outfit-cotton-candy-pink sweater-distressed-jeans

Layered necklace and belt bracelet

Usually I’d say that black accessories are too dark to match a pastel colored outfit. Then again, as always, it can work if you do it head to toe. So I made sure to include my black hat, black tights and black boots as well as black accessories. As the sweater has a pretty high neckline I definitely wanted to go for a choker. This one has two additional necklaces attached to it which makes the whole piece a lot more interesting. I love how the spikes create a nice contrast with the soft cotton candy pink sweater. The belt bracelet is one of my faves as it goes with literally everything (and I wanted one ever since Avril Lavigne had one in 2002 or something).

So what do you guys think? Pastel + black – yay or nay? What’s your opinion on the new high waist tights trend? Let me know in the comments!


redheadventurer-fashion-outfit-cotton-candy-pink sweater-necklace-tights