Bow necklace: Rosegal * | Coral sweater: Dresslily * | Satin shorts: Rosegal * | Platform chelsea boots: Schuhtempel24

One of the reasons why I enjoy fall so much is that this season gives us a myriad of outfit options. With the weather being neither too hot nor too cold it allows us to finally wear that cute sweater / poncho / suede skirt. Fall is the sweet spot between those super hot summer days when even underwear is too much clothing and those merciless winter days when we feel like our nose is going to freeze off on the way to the supermarket. As my last fall outfit was more of a look for outdoor adventures I decided to give this one a more feminine and romantic twist.


The coral colored sweater is an excellent addition to my sweater collection as its color has been pretty much nonexistent in my wardrobe so far. For a long time I believed that the pink color range was a bit of a no-no for redheads but a gazillion stunning Instagram pictures of this exact combo convinced be that it is actually a darn good idea. The lace up detail and the bell sleeves give the sweater a comfy and playful look but aren’t taking away from its femininity and romantic vibes.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-outfit-coral-fall (4)

The high waisted satin shorts have an effortless yet elegant look to them. Elegant shorts seem to be a bit of a contradiction in themselves but this only adds to the playful and less serious appeal the outfit already has to it. For many ladies out there skirts and shorts don’t seem to be an option during the colder season. I object! With a pair of warm (thermo) tights underneath shorts make for perfect companions during fall and winter as you’ll be just as warm as if you’d be wearing jeans. I love this outfit option – I really wouldn’t want to be limited to just long pants for months. Plus… they’re insanely comfy. And everyone wants to be comfy, right?

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-outfit-coral-fall (2)

To top off this romantic look I went for this little bow choker. This piece of jewelry actually has quite a bit of history. Before I ordered the one you can see here I frequently spotted them on other bloggers and in stores. My bff suggested I should be wearing one when I next meet my crush. According to her the bow choker says “Unwrap me, I’m a gift for you.”. Now her words are stuck in my head and “being a gift” has officially become a term in our everyday conversations.

redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-outfit-coral-fall (8)

What’s your favorite outfit combo for fall? Let me know in the comments!




redheadventurer-liza-laboheme-fashion-outfit-coral-fall (1)