Boho outfit inspiration On the road again

 Distressed sweater: Gamiss* | Cowboy hat: Zaful* |  Studded shorts: Zaful | Tassled bag: Sammydress | Bracelet: Rings & Tings

The current weather situation is such an inspiration 🙂 The temperatures are still amazing at about 25 ° C during the day but the leaves are already starting to turn red. It’s really the perfect setting to shoot some boho and western inspired looks. This outfit includes two items I got recently and that are really totally me. The first one is this cowboy hat. As you guys know my hat is pretty much a part of my body 😀 I really only take it off to swap it for a beanie or a flower crown. I never managed to get a brown hat though and I figured some of my outfits would have really required a cowboy hat. So I eventually decided to get one and it’s exactly what I had been looking for with it’s cute little details. I paired it with this distressed short-sleeved sweater. I can’t help it – I will forever love distressed items. Although some people, including my own parents, will never understand why I would order something that is already destroyed and broken I just love the look. In the near future I would love to do an in-depth post about why 90s kids love distressed things – stay tuned 🙂 I think it really fits in with the whole western look that isn’t supposed to look posh and well-groomed anyway. I topped the look off with my beloved tassled bag that’s really my go-to item when it comes to western and boho inspired looks. The whole outfit wouldn’t be complete without it.

I also have a bit of story to tell you today. Now I know I told you quite a few hair-raising (no pun intended) stories recently – don’t know what’s going on at the moment. My grandma celebrated her 89th birthday yesterday so the whole family went to a restaurant. I was just about to hand her a gift basket when I suddenly noticed something very bright in the corner of my eye and it started smelling very burnt. I literally set my own hair on fire with a candle on the table. It all happened super quickly and as soon as I realized what was going on the flame was already gone but my hands were full of black ash-like crumbs. Everyone stared at me in shock and I rushed off to find a mirror to see if it had done any damage. Luckily most of my hair is still there and the flame seems to have burnt just a few split ends. Still, it got me thinking. Never realized my goal of having one meter (40 inches) of hair could be potentially dangerous. So glad my hair is still there :O

Boho outfit inspiration On the road again 2

Boho outfit inspiration On the road again 3