Boho outfit inspiration Bring me the prairie 1

Tassled poncho: Zaful* | Cowboy hat: Zaful | Tassled shorts: Boohoo | Boots (borrowed from mum): Caprice

In today’s boho outfit inspo post I’d  like to show you my new tassled poncho. I got it for autumn as its design matches nature’s current play of colors. It makes me think of the woods where autumn foliage is still around with blue-greyish fog creeping through the tree branches. Also, for some mysterious reason wearing a poncho always makes me feel close to nature. With a cowboy hat and a pair of boots I feel like the great outdoors are just waiting for me to go on some adventure. I’ll dream of roaming vast forests and resting by a fire to roast something delicious. I’ll dream of going for a swim in a clear, icecold lake and eventually getting all comfy and snug in a cozy cabin with a hot cup of tea.

I’m often wondering if other people have these kinds of thoughts as well when they look at a piece of clothing. I definitely do and I guess that’s what makes me so passionate about fashion – it makes my imagination run wild.

When wearing a poncho I generally try to keep my pants either super short so you can barely see them (like I did here) or long and skinny (preferably leggings) to elongate my legs. Everything in between tends to look very weird. So if this outfit is too cold for the current weather in your location I strongly recommend going for warm leggings or skinny jeans instead of the tassled shorts.

I cheekily stole my mum’s boots for this boho outfit. They are very pretty, comfy and high-quality and knee-high boots just go awesomely with ponchos. However, I never in my entire life owned boots that actually fit me. Although my body shape is perfectly normal my calves have always been pretty much non-existent. Do you have an idea where to get boots for ridiculously skinny calves? I’d be super grateful for advice! (And just in case you’re wondering: yep, that’s an actual problem :D).

Do you have a piece of clothing that sparks your imagination? Let me know in the comments!

Boho outfit inspiration Bring me the prairie 2