Accessory inspiration Cozy knit and the lunar eclipse 1

Knit cardigan: Rosegal* | Lunar eclipse choker: Rosegal* | Triangle watch (see below!): Rosegal*

In today’s accessory inspiration post I would love to show you some of my newest acquisitions 🙂 I do have to admit – they look even better than I expected when I ordered them. Have you ever ordered something and were all hyped but then it arrived and was super disappointing? Yep, me too. Well, luckily it’s the other way round sometimes.

So let’s dive into the details:

I love jewelry that has a moon or crescent pendant. Don’t know why – maybe I was deeply influenced by watching and reading Sailor Moon all the way through my childhood (and beyond actually… :D). It’s not like I don’t have enough moon-inspired jewelry but this one’s moon is turned upide down – so I needed it. The best part about moon jewelry is, in my opinion, that it allows you to make your witchy look suitable for everyday life. You’ll still be able to maintain a somewhat black, gothic-y look without going overboard at work or school.

Accessory inspiration Cozy knit and the lunar eclipse 2

There’s nothing better in December than a heavy knit cardigan, am I right? Every winter I’m wondering why I don’t have more of these. So here’s my latest addition to the wardrobe. The fabric is really heavy, cozy and warm. It’s one of the lifesavers I would throw on on a cold school Friday morning to attend my lectures all warm and cozy with a cup of cappuccino. I can’t really say I have an actual shortage of anything in my wardrobe but when it comes to long, warm knit pieces there’s actually room for improvement. So here we go with this burgundy red newness 🙂

In my last outfit post I mentioned that watches are kind of growing on me as an accessory. So I got these two. Wait, what… two? Yep, they come as a set of two watches – one black and one white. They’re actually meant to be worn by couples but as I’m a greedy single I have both of them now. I love the minimalistic design – I can wear this watch for pretty much any occasion as it looks classy and grown-up but still very interesting due to the see-through parts. I had to add additional holes to the wristband though as, once again, the watch didn’t fit my ridiculous wrist. But hey, that’s okay.

What’s your favorite accessory?