Hi, I’m Liza LaBoheme.

And I never actually wanted to be a blogger. But ever since I can remember I’ve been curious. Curious to find out if there could be more to our lives than just being born, getting an office job and paying bills.

It all started when I got my degree in psychology in 2012 and embarked on an epic 7 month journey through New Zealand. It was most definitely one of the best times in my life and when I returned to my hometown Nuremberg in Germany my head was full of inspiration, crazy ideas and a thirst for life. I realized life was too short to waste all those precious moments just waiting for us to turn them into fantastic memories.

I started travelling as often as I could to explore this incredible planet we call home. I started studying computer science because I had dreamt of doing just that my entire life. And I did the most nerdy, computer scientist-y thing there is: I started a fashion blog.

Being a fashion icon at the Department of Computer Science was one thing. Being a blogger was something entirely different. And I quickly grew to love it. The idea that blogger could actually be a full-time job was planted in my head and started growing. The prospect that I could spend my life doing what I love was too good to not pursue it. Over the years I realized I couldn’t just stick to fashion forever. There are so many other things in this world I’m truly passionate about. So The Redheadventurer was born – my Internet-home to share my take on fashion, travel and lifestyle with you guys.

On my blog I want to encourage you to venture out, to explore and to make the most of every moment. Because I believe there is more to your life than just being born, getting an office job and paying bills. Let’s live our lives like we had just one.


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Photo by: Nana Ampofo