In many places BBQ season has come to an end. Nights are getting longer, mornings are getting foggier and the air is getting colder. But there’s no need to dispair – here are three autumn-proof recipes that will warm you from within:

Autumn recipes Mushroom risotto

Mushroom risotto (serves 2)

This dish is vegetarian. Vegan alternatives are provided in parentheses.

300 g of mushrooms of your choice
200 g of risotto rice
2 shallots or small onions
2 cloves of garlic
30 g of butter (or  olive oil)
150 ml of white wine
1 l of vegetable broth
50 g of parmesan (or dairy-free cheese)
Salt and pepper

Drink: White wine
Salad: Lamb’s lettuce

Start by preparing the vegetable broth. While it’s cooking chop the shallots and the garlic. Put them into a pan with some butter or olive oil and braise them lightly. Then add the rice. After a minute add the white wine as well as the vegetable broth and let everything simmer until the rice is cooked. In the meantime chop your mushrooms into slices. If you’re going to have some salad with the risotto you’ll have some time to prepare it now as well. Don’t forget to stir the rice regularly. Once the rice is done remove it from the stove and add the parmesan. Make sure it melts properly. Put the mushrooms into a separate pan and braise them lightly, then add them to the rice. The vegetable broth might already be quite salty so I’d recommend trying it before adding salt. Add pepper and nutmeg to taste. As a drink the white wine you already used will obviously be a great flavor match. Also, I personally love to have some lamb’s lettuce with a fruity dressing to accompany the risotto.

Additional tips:
This dish is perfect for meal prepping as you can cook a huge amount and pop it in the fridge or freezer.

If I don’t use or drink the entire bottle of wine I’ll just make wine ice cubes for future dishes.

Autumn recipes Pumpkin soup

Creamy pumpkin soup

Now this one is for those amongst you who enjoy carving Halloween pumpkins. And I mean seriously – who doesn’t? Don’t throw away the entrails – they’ll make for a fantastic autumn-y soup!
This dish is vegetarian. For a vegan version just use coconut milk instead of cream.

1 kg of pumpkin flesh
250 g of carrots
500 g of potatoes
1 onion
1 l of vegetable broth
Olive oil
Salt, pepper, curry, nutmeg, cream
Pumpkin seeds (I’d recommend buying them as drying your fresh ones might take a while)
Pumpkin seed oil

Prepare the vegetable broth first. While it’s cooking chop the pumpkin, carrots, potatoes and onion. Put the onion into a pan and braise it lightly. Add the vegetable broth and bring it to the boil. Add the pumpkin, carrots and potatoes and let it simmer for 45 mins. Then put everything into a blender and mix the soup until smooth. Again, the vegetable broth might already be salty enough so careful there. Add pepper, curry, nutmeg and cream to taste.
If you want your soup to look super nice (e.g. for guests) or if you just want to add a little extra put some pumpkin seeds into a pan and roast them. Fill your plate with soup, drizzle some pumpkin seed oil on it and add the crunchy pumpkin seeds.

Additional tips:
For another tasty version of this soup use sweet potatoes instead of regular potatoes and sour cream instead of regular cream. For the vegan version add some balsamic vinegar to balance out the sweetness.

Autumn recipes Lentil curry

Lentil curry (serves 3)

This dish is vegan and very hot. For a milder version use less of the red curry paste.

180 g of rice
1  onion
2   cloves of garlic
1 can of red lentils
1 can of coconut milk
2 tbsp of red curry paste
1 small slice of     ginger (a little less than thumb-sized)
200 g of tomato passata
1  carrot
Salt and pepper
Sugar or agave syrup
Olive oil

1 sweet potato

If the lentils you’ll be using are already ready to serve you can skip this step. If you’re using dry lentils I recommend cooking them for a little while until they’re nice and soft. Then start cooking your rice as it’ll take some time anyway.
Chop the onion and the garlic, put them into a pan with some olive oil and braise them lightly. Add the lentils and the coconut milk. Stir in the curry paste and boil it down a little. In the meantime peel the carrot and the ginger and chop them. Make sure to chop the ginger very thoroughly as you don’t want any large chunks in your curry. Add the carrot, the ginger and the tomato passata and stir it through. Add salt, pepper and sugar or agave syrup to taste. Serve the curry with the rice.

Additional tips:
I once had a sweet potato left so I decided to chop it and add it in – it was awesome!

Again, this is an awesome option for meal prepping!

Hope you guys enjoy!
What’s your favorite autumn dish?